Reviewed Products


A delayed review of my one time trial of Dia & Co.

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Earth Series v.7

Items you can invest in to save in waste & money.


Earth Series v.6

Are you more eco minded or ego?

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Earth Mini Series v.4

A check-up on how I did with the 7-day eco challenge.

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Earth Mini Series v.3

40% of food doesn't get eaten.

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Earth Mini Series v.2

Can you do this seven day challenge to lower your waste in your home, & community?


3 Items That Can Wait Till I’m Debt FREE

To me, these three expenses are expenses that come with more permanent results than what my lifestyle currently calls for. I've been spending this year rebuilding how I view finances and where my money goes.


Monday Minimalism

Hello and welcome to a new week in July! Today's post is for those who are new to minimalism and or for those who having been living this lifestyle for sometime. The mid- portion of this blog, is a fun list of what I survive with. As always, you can follow me here on WordPress… Continue reading Monday Minimalism


What’s In My Tote Bag, AKA My “Purse”

With the ability to take control of my environment, my purse tends to be the area I forget I have control of what I carry with me.