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Earth Series v.7

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Taking Inventory Series


February has historically not been a kind month to me. I'm all about adjusting that statistic.


Did Someone Say Starbucks?

Last year, I wrote a blog post about how Starbucks was my soulmate. I'd like to do a yearly review of Starbucks, and how somethings have changed, or not changed. Cover photo was taken during my week internship in NYC, and I got the lighting worked out so well in this photo. Note: If you enjoy Starbucks or… Continue reading Did Someone Say Starbucks?

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Tiny things for a tiny Eco-friendly home

Personally, I despise it when people don't think about the harm we've traced on the environment as humans. And this is where I got the idea behind my NaNoWriMo novel, for all you people who are spitting out words like me this month. Some towns don't have recycling programs, and for those who do, certain… Continue reading Tiny things for a tiny Eco-friendly home