When it Rains

A couple of weekends ago Norman, Oklahoma was starting to flood on my one-hour commute home. With my little 2013 Smart Car, I maneuvered around the large pools of water so my car wouldn’t become flooded. This blog post came to mind after a 90’s country song played on my Spotify mix playlist.

Stormy Weather

Its difficult to recall if I’ve ever felt depressed when the rain stops by for longer than a day. I do recall cursing the rain in September 2017 because I truly hated life that month, that year. Ever since then, I’ve begun to appreciate the little beautiful things that come with the rain: the beautiful sounds, the lightning and thunder displays, someone’s rain water bucket and barrel being filled and countless others. I met a counselor who would always wear their most brightest colors on rainy days to lighten the mood. Maybe one day, I’ll get the nerve to buy a yellow umbrella or wear a bright colored shirt.

Rainy Day Positive Routines

This photo belongs to me. The header and cover photo's from an online picture search a few years ago.
This photo belongs to me. The header and cover photo’s from an online picture search a few years ago.

One of the other reasons I have had happier days during rain storms is by creating new routines for rainy days:
-Crazy Sock Day
-Hot Tea with honey
-Hot Chocolate
When it rains, you can catch me making a comment about how much I love hot tea on a rainy day. I always thank the Universe for those special weekends when its raining (or snowing) and I get to enjoy the sounds and smells from my apartment. Apartment living room windows always opened a couple of inches to allow the breeze to flow into my living room as my cat, Jupiter, sits on the window ledge and stares into the parking lot. Those are the times where I’ll turn off my heating and air unit and allow the wind to circulate through my apartment.

Growing up in east Texas out in the country, opening the windows or sitting on the porch during a storm was always a treat. In 2012, I got into trouble for opening my dorm window on a rainy night. That was the first time I became super depressed with the rain. It wasn’t long afterwards that I discovered how much I detested dorm life.

However, I will make a point to note that I know my energy levels on rainy days are lower. Hence the caffeinated tea with honey. Honey’s been shown to aid with mental health. Not everyone finds joy instantly with rain and that’s okay. It wasn’t until 2017 did I start adding the “rain-day routines” to promote positivity. Rain doesn’t make me too sleepy during the days, but it does help me sleep at night. I tend to read with better concentration on sunny days compared to rainy days.
If I’m at my apartment, you’ll also see me sit on my “porch” with my tea in my lawn chair. This is rare- I wait for a perfect temperature before sitting outside. Peak porch sitting times are between March-June and late August-beginning of November.

Gloomy & Good Days

What helped me realize that gloomy days can still be good days was the simple notion that not all days an be sunny days. Storms come and go. As humans, we can just begin to trust the Universe (or whatever phrase will work for you) for every storm.

This cloudy weather will pass; for now, I’m grateful for the lessons learned during gloomy weather. I’d love to own a rain barrel with my future house, so I can reuse the water for my garden and reduce water waste. I also have yet to live or visit cities or countries with constant rain and humidity. I’m curious to see how I’d do with living in cities like Seattle, Orlando, or over in England.

I hope you enjoyed this heartfelt post. As always, you can follow me here on WordPress or Twitter.
What are some of your favorite things about rain?

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