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Tiny things for a tiny Eco-friendly home

Personally, I despise it when people don’t think about the harm we’ve traced on the environment as humans.

And this is where I got the idea behind my NaNoWriMo novel, for all you people who are spitting out words like me this month.

Some towns don’t have recycling programs, and for those who do, certain rules apply when you want to recycle. If you want to recycle (for most major cities) you have to pay for sewage or some household service per month to have a recycling bin and curbside weekly service. I’m paying for sewage and trash collection, and the amount of recycling that gets sent out is double the amount of regular trash I send per week.

When I go for my tea or coffee, I’ve found myself taking my plastic cups home to use for later. Thanks to Pinterest, I have been able to come up with ways to upcycle most of what’s in my house.

The Kitchen:

 As a gardener, my plants are now located in the warmest room in the house, and with Winter on its way, I won’t be doing much gardening outdoors until the Spring planting has begun. I started a indoor window seal of Basil that’s now beginning to germinate and sprout. My cat also likes to eat Basil, but he doesn’t jump on the kitchen counters. Probably because Fed, the Basil Spider, lives near the corner of my Basil. He doesn’t bother me. As long as the spider doesn’t bother me, we’ll be fine.

Yes, this is Fred. I’ve randomly named him Fred, after working on NaNoWriMo a few days ago.
The view from my kitchen window to my garden backyard!


Most of my gardening adventures began in those gardening beds, two and a half years ago. The farthest bed, is the compost bed, which had to go through some renovations, thanks to the upcoming Spring season!

Still in the kitchen, one of my favorite ways to preserve my coffee grounds is in glass jars. After cleaning out the jars I’ve used as iced coffee drinks, or as cheese dip, I move the coffee grounds from the plastic bags to the jars. Right now, I am using Pumpkin Spice as my seasonal coffee to drink, which is not in the picture below. I keep it separate in the cabinet above my coffee maker, while these stored coffee grounds are above my pantry, in a small pantry.

You will want to keep coffee grounds where it gets hardly no light, because it helps keep the coffee fresh. That’s why I have the system set up like so. Notice how I don’t have them labeled! I laughed when I realized this misfortune that use to torture me years ago, but then I realized that it was organized by how much I have of certain flavors. I know that the one on the left is dark roast, the one in the middle is a light roast, and the one on the right is Caramel Macchiato Coffee. The brand I have of coffee is Archer Farms from Target!

And, here’s another picture of all the glass jars, and plastic cups I have stored for reuse! I am stocking up on plastic cups, after washing them out, to use as seed starters when March rolls around. Keeps me from having to buy those flimbsy little seed starters that always cause me trouble!
Tip: to wash the labels off the jars, warm water and soap will do as you peel them away while doing your dishes.


Since its just me here, I don’t need a lot of plates, or cups. Most of these were purchased at my local thrift store, which is fantastic because I don’t like waste.

My garden doesn’t like waste either. I like to use Folger’s coffee as a way to store my weeks compost, next to my kitchen sink. Coffee grounds, orange peels, banana peels, and even the leaves my cat drags to my kitchen door makes it in this can. I’d say make sure you empty it once a week, so that the smell of these foods don’t linger in your kitchen! This will also keep bugs away too, but most of my bugs have been eaten by Fred, so I don’t mind.


Yes, as we are still in the Kitchen, where most of the waste occurs for many families, I also plan on re-purposing my glass wine bottles and soda bottles for a future craft. For now, they make a nice counter display. Oh yeah, there’s a acorn that I dug out from the compost garden. Squirrels don’t like me, because I dig up their acorns.


Since I am doing National Novel Writing Month, I used a grande sized Starbucks cup to store some of my Holiday coins! There’s always a use for these cups, thank goodness.

The Bathroom:

 I use plastic bags as trash bags for my two small bathrooms. The only time I actually go and get those plastic bags, is when I go clothes shopping, or to the pharmacy. When I grocery shop, I use my reusable bags. In my opinion, I wish everyone would remember to bring reusable bags to the Grocery store. Or, better yet, more grocery stores would operate like Aldi’s, and not bag your groceries! Hence, you have to bring your own box or bag to load in the car.


Doctor Who for the Win!

I’m using my jars to store my cotton balls and make-up brushes in the bathroom, as well as using the tiny little glass bottle for dish soap, for cleaning my make-up brushes. I’m also starting to get away from certain beauty products, due to the chemicals and the environmental harm. I’m going to use up all the current Mary Kay and other beauty products I have, so I don’t waste them. Lush is a great store to begin your Eco-friendly beauty shopping!


The rest of the house:

  My recycling bin stays in the dinning room, so I can remember to take the recycling out once a week. The cardboard boxes that I want to recycle, have to be compressed and i have to personally drive to the recycling center to drop-off the cardboard. It doesn’t bother me much, because I usually go and accomplish something on that side of town once a month anyways.
 Last week, I didn’t take out the recycling, so this is what two weeks worth of recycling looks like!


Right outside my window, is a plastic tub that my cat was drinking out of. Its been raining off and on, and i was tired of the rain falling of the side of the house. I need to invest in a rain barrel, but for now this will do. I’ve seen birds and squirrels come up to drink, so it makes me feel better when water is not wasted. I use the water to water my indoor plants for now, and my baby Aloe Vera are doing quite nicely. I need to put in some better soil, but for now, they are fine.


Thank you guys for reading this!  I wrote part of this last night, and then the rest this morning. I can’t help but look at my cat, who is sitting outside under a bush, waiting for the rain to come back. He wants to sit in the kitchen again, where I let him inside when it rains. I plan on writing a blog about my gorgeous stray cat, but in the mean time I need to return to writing 1,667 words for day seven of NaNoWriMo! 
 If you want to see what I wrote in two days last week, check out the Wednesday’s Writing article
What are ways that you have incorporated Eco-Friendly living in your household?


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