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Books Galore!

Happy Sunday!

What’s your favorite part about books- is it reading them, sharing them, or loaning them out from the library? We all have different reasons why we enjoy books and book shopping and sometimes it is all three!

Today’s brief blog blurb is all about books and my little history with books. The original idea was to write about the books I read in July, but I already wrote about that in my review about 24in48 last week.

I have always enjoyed books and I always participated in AR reading programs and reading challenges all the way up to 6th grade. Afterwards, I started to read more intense books and even a couple of Shakespeare plays.

My Junior and Senior year in high school, I began taking AP English and that’s where my love for classic literature truly took off! My Senior year in high school, we began a book club for all grade levels and reading levels. The book club might’ve lived on past when my Senior class gradauted and even if it did, I had fun running the book club.

From 2012-2015, I hadn’t ever given myself permission to read a lot. I was mixed in with a lot of emotions, mental and physical health dilemnas, etc. I was also strugiling at the time to work through the book piles that I own and actually completing the books I’ve piled and startd to read.
During the summer of 2016 I had started a Harry Potter Reading Challenge with the HRC running club; now known as PHRC (Potterhead Runnig Club). This online-facebook only reading group has spent the past 2 summers reading Harry Potter and I’ve had a blast getting to learn more about the reader’s in theprivate group, their reading preferences, etc.

This summer, we adopted the reading group to include monthly books to read that are not Harry Potter. I’ve now gotten to listen to 6 audibooks that I never would’ve started without the book club.

For example, in July reader’s began The Martian and for August we are reading Good Omens. You can join the FB group by searching for PHRC Book Club!

In 2018, I read 26 books and while I haven’t done as much reading this year, I have been able to reduce the amount of books I bought and increasing the amount of books I borrow from the library and read from my own shelf. I’m hoping to continue working through at least 25 books I have inherited from friends and family before I read the one’s I bought. I’m hoping to then return those books or to trade them with friends and family.

For reading habits, I do prefer reading one book at a time. I don’t focus well when I’m trying to read two stories at once. Now, I can read two books at once, as long as one’s nonfiction and one’s fiction.
Speaking of fiction-nonfiction… it took me years to finally be able to sort through the differences. A few things in life are the same way in learning and truly comprehending traditions, learning methods, and why we name the things we do, etc.

Another factor in reading habits is in the kind of environment I read best in. Rainy days with a cup of hot tea is preferred along with a nice YouTube livestream channel of jazz music or lofi beats.

Check out this YouTube link here to see what I love to listen to while I read. No lyrics, no problem!
Lofi reading music v.3

What books are you reading right now? I’d love to add them to my TBR pile~ let me know in the comments and I’ll see you all tomorrow for the next installment of the Taking Inventory Series!

Danielle Sullivan
@DanielleSully19 (username for most social media platforms)

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