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Hello, late Monday night! I’m writing this out first in Word since my recently revived MacBook Pro works best when I type things up on Word and then copy-and-paste to WordPress. The goal is to have a newer MacBook next month just as the fall semester truly kickstarts!
For almost two years, a part of my blog fun has been writing monthly lifestyle blogs about the little events and improvements going on in my life. I aptly named them the “taking inventory series” monthly blog styled posts after reading through some of Lenox’s Taking Stock blog series.
This month, I return to the University of Oklahoma as a Junior as well as wrapping up a long series of projects around the house. By the way-
the header photo is of the new roses and sunflowers in my apartment after doing a bit a creative interior project I’ve wanted to do all summer. I took a dozen roses and four sunflowers and split them between three glass vases that have river rocks on the bottom and clear pebbles on top.

Let’s begin!

I have also found a new cat deterrent spray to keep Jupiter away from my plants! I had lasted six months without having plants in my apartment and I honestly felt a bit sad without them. Just happy to have some plants back in my apartment. It’s been at least 8 hours and my cat hasn’t touched any of them yet! 😀

Word of the Month: Reflect. Usually by this time of the year I have to reflect in preparation for fall’s seasonal weather and September’s mental health.  I go back to OU in less than two weeks and I am creating new and revitalizing past mental health practices in how I can be prepared all through September. Last year’s September wasn’t that bad and the two things that helped was that I had just return to OU and I had been living on my own since the winter of 2017.
Check out the Part One blog post I wrote last month about my road to September.

Eating & Drinking: I’ve definitely had a slice or two of Watermelon over the past two or three weeks. I also have had a few bites of ice cream as my summer job has ended as a day camp teacher. I’m now down to drinking coffee at least once per week, sometimes twice. The food’s I’ve been making have stayed the same and I’m hoping to have a new recipe tried out by the end of this week!

Watching: During Prime Day, I signed up on a six-month trial Amazon Prime Student Membership. I’ve never had Amazon prime before and am enjoying Amazon Prime video streaming service. I’ve re-watched the first three seasons of Doctor Who and am currently at least halfway through season 4 with David Tenant. I’ve enjoyed Doctor Who before all the way to season 7, before they took it off Netflix to move it to Amazon in 2016. Last night, I learned that Doctor Who is moving again in 2020 to HBO MAX and I am not a fan. I had just started this trial so until it’s removed, I’ll be binging as much Doctor Who as I can. 

Note: This is now the 3rd time I’ve had to watch them move Doctor Who to another streaming platform. I have highly considered purchasing the 2005 Doctor Who seasons & the classic Doctor Who episodes on DVD so I won’t have to worry about them being lost in the streaming wars again. I’ve shrunk most of my DVD and VHS collection down to the films I enjoy, including all 6 seasons of Downton Abbey. 

Photo below: Today I took my 2016 Chromebook-Lenovo laptop and traded it in for a little bit of cash with Lenovo. This laptop served its duty from September 2016-August 2019 after the charger went out last month and it wasn’t worth the money to buy a new charger at a higher price than I bought the laptop. I wiped everything off the laptop to Google Drive and am hoping to clear through everything for the rest of the year.

Listening: Still haven’t started July or August’s PHRC Book Club audiobook selections but I have been able to slowly catch-up on podcasts episodes from the summer. I’m hoping to start the Martian about when school starts in two weeks!

Writing: In June or July I hardly wrote anything besides my blog posts. This month, the goal is still to write blog content as well as start writing at least 200 words per day with novel writing practice. I’m also hoping to start improving on various writing basics in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, etc.
On Wednesday, look out for the TBR 08.2019 post about the books I’d like to read this month!

Waiting for: Slowly but surely, I am waiting on me. Waiting for me to take the time to work on my mental and physical health; waiting on me to continue making small steps towards daily gratitude and positivity; small steps towards daily (or close to daily) meditation and mindfulness. Nonetheless I am excited for what lies ahead this fall! One way that excitement is here is by living day by day and being in tune with the daily ebbs and flows of the world.

Enjoying: The two weeks off! I’ve got a few things to do on my “wrap-it-up” lists between now and August 20th! One of them is to complete the Ghandi book I am working on and start another one… and maybe finish it!

Feeling: Nervous about next week’s Tilt test. For one whole week in July, I couldn’t go to work after being deemed too sick. Two weeks ago, I went to the cardiologist and he referred me to take my 4thtilt test to date. I’ve never passed but not passing proves something’s up with my brain. I already had my Dentist appointment this past Saturday and an allergy specialist appointment tomorrow. I am also hoping to get an eye appointment schedule and get a new pair of glasses- all before returning to school! So, a little anxious about nothing is an understatement.

Loving: The fun lessons learned this summer! I learned a lot about how to teach children coping skills as well as teach myself new coping skills at work and at home. This has been probably the smoothest summer I’ve had in a while and it’s just nice to be able to breathe a little easier as the summer ends.

What are you looking forward to in the month of August? I’d love to hear what makes you happy in the comments and I’ll see you all again on Wednesday! ❤

Danielle Sullivan

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