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Earth Mini Series v.2

Welcome back to today’s part two discussion. I wrote part one last night and after I wrote that post, some thing dawned on me today.
We’ll get to that in a bit, but first a couple of announcements: I will be double posting this week (to make up for the missed poem/photo from last week). I plan on doing one for Thursday and one Friday. Then, I’ll be back to my normal MWF schedule.
Second exciting announcement: I’ve now posted 200 blog posts! WordPress notified me that I had reached 200 and i squealed. I start this blog four years ago and I can’t wait to see where the next 200 posts will lead me.
Okay, back to real world things.

Earth Mini Series

Environmentalism Definition

The definition of environmentalism is

advocacy of the preservation, restoration, or improvement of the natural environment

Merriam-Webster Dictonairy

If you look at how we are naturally, humans are wasteful creatures. Our natural habits and instincts are to consume meat, serve us first, and act as predators. Then for some of us, we realize that these predator-like tendencies isn’t helping the animals, planet, or our own bodily functions.

That’s when a select few of us begin to adjust from eating meat to meatless Mondays; to no dairy; and for non-dietary changes, we begin to live a zero waste lifestyle.

That’s where it can be difficult to talk about how we are treating our home, our planet with those who just don’t want to consider what they are doing in their own environment. This is a bit of life advice that my counselor told me last year, and it’s stuck with me since then: you can attempt to force change people, but the only person who can actually change is yourself. Eventually, they will change too.

At the end of this post, you can click the button to read what I wrote about my own personal eco-lifestyle history. The journey hasn’t been the smoothest with the usage of supplies for work and school. In some areas of life, I have begun to look at ways I can reduce the amount of cardboard and plastic bagged foods I let into my house.

At one point last year, I was driving 30 minutes to go to the recycling drop-off center twice a month to turn in my recycles. This year, I am making a conscious effort to only need to go once a month. The first time I did this, my recycling bin was overflowing. I hadn’t quite gotten the adjustment down. So far for April, I’ve been okay at it. One of the difficult things for me to say no to when grocery shopping at Aldi’s, is cereal.

I do plan on going grocery shopping next week, I will go to Sprouts or Crest to buy my cereal in bulk. While that will mean I will have to use a produce bag, it is better than having a cardboard box and bag. Plus, I can reuse the produce bag to take my cat’s kitty litter out for the next trip.


I teased several paragraphs ago a bright idea i had last night when it came to environmentalism. There’s one word that is seen in environmentalism…
It may take you a while to see it. If you need a couple of seconds, read it out loud to pick-up the word…



That made me smile last night, because it all made sense at that moment. Our society right now is talking a lot about mental health and how to take care of your mind’s health. I agree and I have even written blog posts on that topic myself.

Then there’s mentality and being mentally strong in the conscious choices you make. So think of this example of “mental” in environmentalism as a positive word and phrase. You can mentally adjust your conscious decisions on buying products that are wrapped in plastic; in single use products; you can just observe for a week or month what resources you are using around you.

Saving the planet and helping your community with recycling programs can help change one’s mind and actions towards positivity, minimalism, zero waste, and environmentalism.

It’s easy to say “Future generations can save the planet… I don’t want to change my lifestyle, it’s fine..” or my favorite “…. I’m too lazy to just sort my recycling…”

That, my friends, is your mentality on our situation here on Earth. I challenge you this week to just take one step towards changing your impact. Look at these small steps you can do to help the world around you and your local community:
Maybe you could just observe your biggest waste contributor-
and find ways to reduce your use of single-use products once a week?
Maybe you could change to a healthier diet-
and begin to buy items in bulk?

Spreading the word to your friends and family about making positive earth choices can also be a part of your seven day challenge!

The list goes on and if you have any questions or comments, let’s chat in the comment section below. I’d like to thank you for reading this post and i hope you’ll accept my 7-day challenge and begin to adjust to making positive environmentalism decisions.
I am also making this 7-day challenge for myself and I’ll have an update next Wednesday, during the 4th mini series post.

Thanks for reading today’s 201st post and I’ll see you guys again this week! If you can, please share this post with one friend to get the conversation going.
Have a beautiful week! ❤

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