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Earth Mini Series v.1

This post is a day late but its online, nonetheless. I took a mental health day on Sunday and i”m slowly tackling my to-do list.This month’s mini series will be about environmentalism! For the next seven posts, I’ll add my own personal thoughts and shopping lists together to help everyone come together to save your planet. I’m keeping this introduction post short since I’ll post part two tomorrow. On Friday, I’ll double post since I missed last Friday’s poems and photos. Let’s begin this conversation about environmentalism by looking at my personal history.


Personal History

Growing up on a ranch, we always burned our trash. City trash or recycling wasn’t contracted to come to our place. During the summers, we had to be careful about when we burned trash. This was at least done once or twice every two months. It wasn’t until high school did I begin to think about my soda cans being wasted in the trash. Every couple o months, I would clean out my grandpa’s truck and our kitchen to collect soda cans to condense them into a bag. I’d then take these bags and use the money collected to go to fundraising for my local Key Club chapter via the only metal recycling center in town.

One in college, for my first year and when I transferred to the University of Oklahoma- I hardly thought about all the waste I had consumed during marching band, printing out music sheets, and hand writing notes. Not until 2016 did I actually understand the amount of waste one person can make. Over the past three years, I’ve begun to take small steps towards reducing my waste.

The biggest struggle for me, is paper and occasionally glass bottles and plastic bags. Until January 2019, you could recycle paper and glass in OKC. The change came after workers complained about shredded paper and broken glass bottles. In the same complaint, OKC approved cardboard as recyclable. Did I mention that plastic slips, bags, and wraps are no longer eligible to recycle?

The United States is behind on the fight for recycling and environmental programs. The only way to combat this is to understand what change we have already used as a human race- to OUR planet!

Recycling from this past summer!
Recycling from this past summer!

Personal Faults

I have my faults. I drive an extra 30 minutes to downtown OKC once a month to turn-in recycling. Yet once a week, I take out little plastic bags of non-recyclable items to the wastelands. In my local community, there’s no updated facilities to take glass. I love what a couple of states do with glass bottles- turning in the glass bottles for n extra cents back per bottle. That’s one recycling regulation I’d love to see pass here in Oklahoma.For OKC to accept glass at drop-off centers, the Waste Management program would need to create a “glass only” container.

I used the last of my coffee at home in January. The past two weeks, I’ve been consuming glass-store bought coffee. While its debatable if the glass option vs. a non-recyclable cup is better, I do plan on going back to reducing the amount of store bought coffees, teas, etc. I buy.
Late last year, I began to take the glass containers from candles, pasta sauce jars, and other projects and re-using them to store bulk products. My mom got me a label maker for Christmas (meaning I get to label my bulk foods).

Eventually, when I used the last of my loose leaf papers, I would like to purchase a apple pencil for my iPad. I have the second to last version, before the newest fuller screen was released.As far as I know, the iPad I have is compatible with the apple pencil. This will transform my note taking, writing, an to-do list!

Two weeks ago, I used the last of my index cards and i haven’t missed them at all. When I used the last of my highlighters, I debated on how i would continue to cross the things of my lists and even underline school work. The small stash of sharpies and pencils, of course!

Since I’ve been taking my trash out with plastic bags (with only one tiny trash can), I haven’t had to buy any trash bag since I used the last of them before the New Year.

On the Wednesdays I forget my reusable produce bags, I reuse the small produce bags to take Jupiter’s kitty litter out. Again, I best handwriting my work and school assignments .While it’s been brought to my attention that I can recycle loose paper, I have important documents I shred once or twice a month that I don’t want to have shown at recycling centers; for the sake of privacy. For those of you who have gardens, did you know that you can use shredded paper to help your garden?


So far, I haven’t bought any school supplies since January. Just last month, I used the last of my highlighters. YAY! I was stocked up on highlighters since 2015- about the time I began to stop overstocking on school supplies and use what i already have. I’m still working on my stash of paper,pens, colored pencils, crayons to-do lists, and sticky notes. At this rate, I’ll use the last of my sticky notes before anything else.

A tip for this post is about the office supplies you have:
What are you running low on (pencils, perhaps?). Checkout more environmentally positive choices off you have to buy that same item again. There’s pencils that can be reused as gardening sprouts.

Thank for checking out tonight’s post and I hope you will return tomorrow for part two!

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