Am Writing

Up close

I haven’t posted a while on a Thursday but here we are, making up for last weeks missed photo and poem! I’ll be back tomorrow with another poem and photo and I wish you all the best as we go into the weekend!

Also, poem and photo don’t necessarily relate. Its just that both are up close and personal.

Until I can smile again,

My words don’t fill me up.

Presenting my self in a shell that’s not my own,

Slowly degraded me inside.

Closing the door behind me, I weep as I sit in the silence of my own frustration and

tears. The shell is removed and I feel raw; unable to cope with this openness.

Letting go is the hardest thing as I learn to live again.

It’s just as difficult as opening up to someone who won’t tear down the walls in my


Soon, I will be able to face the wind

and not cry at the thought of you leaving me in the rain.

Each moment I spend healing those broken walls in my heart

Sends shocks and through my brain.

Until I can smile again-

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