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As promised, here is today’s poem and photography practice photo. I’ll get to return to a one,al posting schedule next week for MWFs again. We are now to the last weeks of the semester and I am excited to be wrapping up my first full year back in school. I have an online may intermission class that’ll end in June, so I’ll get to. Truly enjoy th summer away from school when my semester wraps up.

Photo taken while out in my hammock on campus last week. Love the nature light filters between the tree branches!

My soul cries at night

The wind crashes against the windows and keeps my brain swirling.

I wonder how I am going to move past the storm,

And in the depths of those howls I can feel the answer stirring inside me.

“To live is an awfully big adventure ,” my soul aches in wonder.

These words guard my heart inside depths of broken walls and broken shards of glass.

I will protect these wall’s until I am able to rebuild again,

And again I will live and continue my adventure.

Check out this week’s environmentalism posts as we continue the earth mini series next week.



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