Monday Minimalism

Hello and welcome to a new week in July! Today’s post is for those who are new to minimalism and or for those who having been living this lifestyle for sometime. The mid- portion of this blog, is a fun list of what I survive with. As always, you can follow me here on WordPress for future blogs (from literature to lifestyle writings) and I truly hope you find this post useful!

How I Explain Minimalism

To me, minimalism is living with what you already own and clearing out space to have room available for friends, creativity, etc. It’s quite easy to stock pile three bookshelves of books and also have over one hundred different outfit combinations. 

About four years ago, I opened up too many credit cards and that eventually back fired on me. I’ll get to pay them off soon, but the debt is what made me realize that maybe I don’t have to have the newest fashion piece. If you’ve ever talked with anyone else whose looking to life a minimalism lifestyle, you may notice that everyone’s roads start similarly like mine.

Neighborhood cat from a couple of months ago. She likes to sit in my garden.

Tiny Living Spaces

The plus side of starting to live within my own space (and creating more space), is that my apartment is only 484 square feet, the smallest apartment in my entire apartment complex.

While I am not used to having friends visit in my apartment, I brought in the furniture I had, and was grateful that what I had was enough. Over the past six months I’ve only purchased one new piece of furniture, and acquired a office chair for my desk. It was only this past week that I bought a college style two seater couch for $50 at Target.

That $50 couch was an item I knew I needed from my first day moving into my own apartment. I was able to go six months without a couch, and now I can lounge in front of my TV while watching TV shows on Hulu. I am glad I made myself wait for a basic couch, rather than trying to figure out how to load a more expensive couch up to the third floor.

The reason I mention this, is that I had to rearrange my entire apartment to look more appealing with my tiny couch. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would, because all I had to rearrange was my bed, desk, dresser and one of my bookshelves in my room. This allowed my living room to double in the amount of open space! During that time, I was able to take a tiny inventory of what I owned and learned what I could give away or use up by the end of this year.

What I Have & What I Need

13 pairs of shoes; 1 pair of slippers (20 is my limit. I’m only holding on to the slippers, in case I ever move into an apartment or home with wood flooring).
2 garden hats, 1 cowboy hat; 1 ball cap for work (3 is my limit).
3 towels and 2 beach towels 
Travel Iron (haven’t used it, but saving up to buy an iron board).
7 scarves (I used to have over 20).
100 books or less (more on this stat below).
50 or less clothing options for spring and summer (same numbers for fall and winter).

Less than 100 books

As an avid reader and writer, I’ve been able to cut my book expenses over the past year. Right now, I’m listening to an audio book on CD while I still wait for two books to arrive at the library. For the past year, I have been reading the books that I personally own and seeing which ones I will give to friends and which ones to donate to the library. I am partial to classics and box sets staying with me. Newer books will most likely be swapped with friends. 

Alongside books, I have been working on not buying journals in bulk. I am waiting to use up what journals I have (now down to less than 10) before I buy anymore. Which does mean that the journals I have need to be used, and not just be sitting in my school supply tub. 

Photo from May. Pictured, is one months worth of recycling!

My Advice

1. Want a new set of clothes or shoes? Find the item and quote the price and then save it to a 30 day wait list.  I have several lists under the 30 day wait list (bath mat, Eco- Friendly products, etc.). After those 30 days, I usually just determine if I can wait another 30 days.

Most of the time (like the bath mat I would enjoy from Society6), has been on one of my lists for over six months now. I’ll still buy it, when I have the money saved aside to buy it. The couch that I just bought, became my highest priority after April.

2. Gift cards for gifts are actually a brilliant and safe option, when you are shopping for birthdays or holidays. While it may not be as personal of a gift, it does give the person who is receiving the gift card the option to buy what’s been on their list for sometime. For example, my Aunt sent me an Amazon gift card. I was able to buy a running belt, a camel back water container (holds up to 3 litters of water), a cosmetic spin tray and a Pan flute necklace. 

3. Wanelo is a fun website and app to save any fashion, apartment, or fun items to a board. Its like Pinterest for shopping! Wanelo stands for Want Need Love.

4. Groceries: I am going through my food and eating everything out of my pantry. So good bye zebra cakes, I won’t be needing you anymore. Make cooking simpler by meal planning, so you aren’t tempted to go out to eat when there’s food at home.

5. Invest in products that will help keep everything organized and plastic free. I have at least 10 reusable bags in the trunk of my Smart Car (yes, smart cars do have trunks). My lifestyle is starting to embrace a more plastic-free lifestyle. Items you can invest in would be reusable coffee filters, reusable menstrual pads for women, and reusable produce bags.

Blogs I’ve written that relate to this topic and the advice I’ve given are listed below. The links are also not affiliate links or posts, by the way.

Eco-Friendly Products I Use

Luna Pads

I am still working on improving my living spaces, so I hope this helps! The next blog (set for Wednesday) will be a book review.

Thank you for reading this blog today, and I wish you the best this week. 🙂



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