Reading Habits

Over the years, my lifestyle continues to mold into a way that I enjoy having time to create, as well as read other people’s works. Some of the questions I found were from a reading questionnaire guide, as a way for people to know your own personal tastes. This next Wednesday, I’ll be releasing a blog about two books  I recently read. One I enjoyed, one I didn’t. Next month, I plan on writing a “currently reading tag” blog post that I saw from another book blog. That will go more in depth about reading preferences and the like.


Reading Questionairre

How many books am I reading and what books are they?

One trait of mine, is only being able to focus on reading one book at a time. If I am near the end of one book, that’s when I start picking out another book. Earlier this month, I paused reading a book for university, to read a Young Adult book for fun. I was able to complete the YA book in four days! Most days, if I’m feeling the internal need to, I’ll read religious books before I go to bed. One that I just started for nighttime reading is about Buddhism (small book in size). 

The book for university is Utopia, but I don’t really have to read it right now. I’ve just been reading over Thomas Moore’s timeline, so I can start actually reading the book next month. This month, the goal is to read two books for book club. The Ruin isn’t at the library yet; it was just released last week. I might just not get a chance to read that book, since I need to read it by the end of the month. I’ve decreased the amount I can spend on books over the past few months. 
Currently, I am also listening to audio books for my commutes to and from work. Next month, my drive time will increase, since university is about an hour’s drive away from the city. Since May, I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter books, and I am near the end of Order of Phoenix.

When was the last time you bought a book?

The last time I bought a book was in June, which was for my world literature class (Utopia) and a book about the fall of a wrestling company in the early 2000s. The time before that, was in March when I bought Lost Boys. Again, most of the books I’ve read for this year have been from my own personal shelf, or the library’s.


OKC Library
When’s the best time to read?

Personally, mid-day or at night has been the best times for me to read. I’ve gone on buses that take me from the free student parking lot, to the main campus and have been able to read for thirty minutes. I’m looking forward to that thirty minutes two days a week, of just reading on the bus (or just listening to podcasts).

What is your perfect reading weather?

Prefer rainy days or days where I can sit outside on my “patio.” Being on the third floor, I’ve managed to enjoy the cross breeze that blows in from the east. Most rainy days this summer have been spent at work, which I don’t mind too much either. Rainy days are good for writing, reading, and hot tea.

How many books have you read so far, this year?

Last night, I finished my thirteenth book for the year! In 2016, I only completed reading four books. What’s helped me complete reading books this year, is money. For every book you complete, but a dollar towards your book fund or savings.

How long can you go without reading?

I can go two to three days without reading the next book. I usually read whatever I feel like reading, after completing the previous book. If you’ve ever heard of reading deprivation, its where you don’t read any books, newspapers, emails, etc. to help spur on creativity. I first heard of this idea via Julie Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

During those in between times of not having picked out or starting a book, that’s when I like to gloss through the magazine’s I’ve accumulated over the past month.



Favorite genres to read

Classical literature and sci-fy. Sci-fy has become a newer development, thanks to popular works like the Divergent series and a friend of mine’s self-published book, Daughters of the Eclipse.

First book I remember loving

Little House On the Prairie. While the controversy behind the ALA removing Laura Inglallas Wilder from the award, I still enjoy the story. I also never paid attention to racial issues in the books when I was a child, because I had a blind eye turned away from those issues.

A book series, I wish would be adopted to film.

While the book sits on my shelf, I’ve heard good things about Sarah J. Maas’s books. I have Assassin’s Blade and I feel those books would make beautiful movies. I’d like to see Picture of Dorian Gray redone.

Best book I’ve read this year, so far

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe. Book review will be posted on Wednesday, July 18th. I’d also like to see The Loneliest Girl in the Universe as a movie, since I was able to read that book in four days.


Favorite film adaption of a book

Goblet of Fire, hands down.

Book I’ve read the most
It’s a tie between Brave New World and Pride & Prejudice.

A book I didn’t expect to like 

House of Leaves. Wasn’t expecting to enjoy this one, even if it took me three tries over a year to read it. Funniest story about this book, is that last year I made two new friends because one of them had just finished the book, and the other one had just started it. During that time, I was right in the middle of the story, bound and determined to finish it. Which, I did. Do yourself a favor, and google House of Leaves. It’s a eye opening book to the possibilities of creativity.

Favorite classic book

While there are a lot of classical books I am now starting to read for the first time, Pride & Prejudice is a top standard classic. I never enjoyed the book in high school, but was able to appreciate afterwards. For children’s literature, Peter Pan is my top favorite.

Book that has impacted me the most

While I know the story, I never read Peter Pan all the way through until last year. As Peter Pan is my favorite Disney movie and children’s literature story, but its not the one story that has impacted me the most. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas will be released as a movie in October, and I do plan on seeing that movie opening weekend. Last year, The Hate U Give was released and I bought it on a Friday and read the whole book in twenty-four hours. I just let the tears fall.

Want to cheek out some of the book reviews I’ve done? Check out the links below for an insight on how I review books. 

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As always, feel free tom chat with me via Twitter or WordPress and I wish you the best this week!


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