Clean Energy & Arcadia Power

Hello and welcome to another money/lifestyle blog! Today, I’ll be writing about Arcadia Power and how my electricity bill is less than fifty dollars per month. Wednesdays blog will be a more detailed blog, about two book reviews. As always, you can follow me here on WordPress or on twitter (@DanielleSully19).

At the end of this blog, is a link to see if you can use Arcadia Power in your area. If you are able to sign up and start the program, you get $25 off your first months bill. And, I can earn a referral code. 
This is a post to help everyone lower the cost of their electricity bill, and to save with renewable energy. 🙂


What is Arcadia Power?

Arcadia Power is a energy marketplace where you can buy renewable energy to lower your electricity costs. For me, I have been on the free plan since I moved into my studio apartment this past winter. Instead of having to pay the electricity company for my usage, I pay Arcadia and then they pay OG&E (Oklahoma Gas & Electric) the bill. If you wanted 100% renewable energy, then you would add a $9/bill fee as well as a charge per 1.5kWh (Kilowatts per hour). I’ll explain more why it’s not worth it for me, financially, to use 100% renewable energy.

Living in Oklahoma, your only option for electric companies is OG&E, unless you live in Edmond or other smaller areas. The reason it’s that way, is because Oklahoma doesn’t have a deregulated market for electricity companies. So instead of my money going directly to OG&E, I support Arcadia first. 

Where does the power come from?

If you use Arcadia Power, your home will still come from your electricity company. Arcadia offsets the carbon-emitting energy from your local utility, if you use the free plan or buy the renewable energy market.

The renewable power is used from various places across the United States. Now, for a time, the OG&E “Smart Hours” savings was worth it (years ago, when I was living with a roommate and in Norman). Over the past few years, apartments and houses I’ve lived in were not eligible for the program, or that they had stalled the program. I don’t want to pay a premium program to save a few cents, when Arcadia is cheaper on the free plan. Now, I’ve actually begun to save more just by being on the Arcadia Power free plan. 

How much energy do you use? How much are you saving?

I took a screenshot of my energy usage, and its fun to see how much energy I don’t use compared to other households. The other factor that hinders this comparison, is that I live in a 484 square foot apartment that’s on the third floor.

The summer’s are hot, and the winters are warm enough. This past winter, I hardly ever used my heater. I don’t have a ceiling fan in my apartment, so just my small rotating fan has gotten me through the month of July. Also, shout out to my Mom who bought me the tiny fan because she knew I was too stubborn to buy it myself.

Here are the numbers of the average use vs. my usage; then, compare it to how much of my usage was clean energy. Going to just use the numbers from March to July, so you can see the spring and summer rates:

Average Household Usage:

                                   March 2018: 658 kWh                                 
April 2018: 630 kWh
May 2018: 583 kWh
June 2018: 715 kWh
July 2018: 808 kWh


Arcadia Power - Edited
Blue waves are the average household use. The Grey colors are what I use each month, and then the green charted colors is the renewable energy that’s been used each month. 

My Usage & Renewable Energy:

March 2018: 284/142 renewable
April 2018: 185/92 renewable
May 2018: 179/89 renewable
June 2018: 307/153 renewable
July 2018:361/180 renewable

Now, when I leave the house every day I turn off my heating and cooling systems. I’ve now programmed it to keep it to a bare 73 degrees when I leave. When I return (12-20 hours later), I usually cool it down to 68-70. At night, I only cool off my bedroom with my rotating fan. 

The reason it’s not worth me using the 100% plan, is because my electricity bill would go up in cost, with an additional 1.5c per kWh. My electricity bill used to be $60-150 per month over the past few years. While I was living in a larger house/apartment, I do enjoy seeing that my electricity bill will only go up to about $45 per month.

While purchasing renewable energy would be fantastic, it wouldn’t save me money in the end. However, if I was living in a house and had family members (and we were using more electricity on average), then the 100% wind power would be worth it.

Final Review

If you are looking for a way to lower your electricity bill, while also using 50% or 100% renewable energy, then please click the link below to see if you can use Arcadia Power in your area. I’ve noticed that in the part of the city I live in, I can use Arcadia Power, but if I were to move to the NW side of the city, Arcadia Power isn’t set up there. 

Enroll here for clean wind energy! 

If you are tired of electricity companies not using renewable energy, then join Arcadia Power as a way to show other companies the importance of renewable energy. 

Thank you for reading this blog! Below, are a list of similar Eco-Friendly blogs I’ve written this year. I wish you the best week this week! 

Danielle (Twitter Link)

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