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Being a Gemini-Cancer Cusp Child

Hello and welcome to another lifestyle blog! If you are into horoscopes, then you’ll enjoy today’s late post. It was supposed to be posted the week of my birthday last month. As always you can follow me on WordPress here or Twitter (my most active social media platform).


Horoscopes themselves are fun to see how your week will go, and how your energy is as a person. For me, I am born between one sign ending and one preparing to begin. Gemini season is from May 21st to June 20th and Cancer season is from June 21st to July 22nd. My birthday is on June 19th, so I have a little bit of each sign’s personality traits.

If you have ever looked into your own personal astrology chart, each part of the “wheel” is a part of a house sign. My sun, moon and ascendant are all Gemini’s. The ascendant sign, is the first house of your chart and what sign was rising the morning you were born. With Gemini in my first house, that means that my emotions, air element personality, etc. are all tied to the Gemini zodiac sign. My sun and moon are my outer and inner personalities. 

If you’ve ever looked into planets, Mercury is best known for his communication skills and is the planet that rules Gemini. Which, when you combine my Cancer-like emotions explains why I am a better writer than I am with verbal communication. 


Both Sides of the Coin

Gemini’s are at the end of a season and are known as great people who can finish a project. Cancer’s begin the summer (officially) and are known as cautious starters. I am always feeling torn between starting and/or finishing a project. One of biggest issues in school, was always starting multiple projects and then not fully completing them. With that as a calmed down habit as an adult, I’ve learned to use it towards a strength of mine. For example, I know that to publish my book, it’s going to take me quite sometime because I have a set way of doing things. I also understand that I am also working full-time each week, and will be going back to school part-time in the fall. 

That’s where being a Gemini comes in handy: I can be a person with multiple hats, various styles of friends and music. Over the years, my inner Cancerian side has shown to be more reclusive in my approach towards socializing. I enjoy staying in my apartment for 24+ hours. I have emotional reactions to whatever triggers me (the list continues to grow). Cancers are known as water signs, and they tend to be emotional beings.

Too much water and air creates hurricanes and monsoons. That’s what it feels like when I am having an anxiety attack. While anxiety has improved, it still gets to me at random moments during the day. Most of the time, it’s when I am verbally communicating a question over the phone or with coworkers. Too many words filtering through my brain and I stumble on what I say. I’ve learned to refocus my question before I ask, and then refocus it again if the question still comes out blurry.

I enjoy who I am as an individual and being of this world. I have started to use astrology as a way to learn more about myself, and others. I know a lot of various people who believe that astrology is just hogwash, but people don’t realize how accurate personalities are (once you’ve done the proper research).

A new podcast I’ve begun listening to, is the What’s Your Sign? podcast hosted by three women and I laugh frequently over the discussions they have each episode. 

While I am going to wait to buy a tattoo until I have paid off my debt, I have considered getting a Gemini tattoo. When I learned that I am a Gemini-Cancer Cusp, my tattoo idea changed. I’ll find one that I will enjoy and stick with it. 

What is your astrology sign? Let me know in the comments below, and I wish you all the best!


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