Independence & Relationships

I don’t need an expensive ring. Something simple will do.

Hello, and happy Independence Day! Today’s blog post is a lifestyle blog about engagements, relationships, etc. On Friday, I’ll be releasing another lifestyle blog and next week, I should be back to writing about books. Until then, always feel free to follow me on WordPress or my Facebook Page. I haven’t been posting on Instagram as much, but I do enjoy scrolling through my timeline on Instagram. 

Let’s begin!

February of this year, enjoying the cold water from the lake.

My Lifestyle

The neighbors below me argue every day. It’s a family of three, and it seems that each person’s personalities is causing tension with one another. I tune them out when I’m at home and for once, I am happy with where I am.

I’ve been single for 98% of my lifetime, thus far. I’ve even grown so used to operating on my own, that going out no longer appeals to me. I’d rather re-watch shows or read books than go out and go have fun. Years ago, I was more willing to go out and socialize. I’ve had roommates from time to time, but over the past eight months I’ve been living alone.

While the money portion is stressful, I prefer the way it is right now. Last night, I finally purchased a two seater couch for my living room. It’s cheap, but will work for what I need. I can now lounge and continue watching Lost on Hulu. This one purchase moved me to rearrange both portions of my entire 484 square foot apartment. If I had been living with a roommate, it would’ve meant getting an okay to move furniture around.

I am grateful for the friends and family who have visited me in my apartment and for their support in my full-time hours (two part-time jobs) and returning to University. I was asked the other day how my social/romantic life was going and I laughed. I had to explain that I’ve only been interested in building friendships for the past year, and that while there is time to dedicate to a committed relationship- it’s something that can’t just happen out of the blue.

I have various friends of various ages who have gotten engaged or were married within the past two or three years. Sometimes, I do tend to feel overwhelmed by their progress. And once I scroll through the beautiful photos, I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore.


 Each couple has their own timeline. My timeline will one day start. For now, I am working on my health, wealth, and over all well- being.

Summer of 2013 in Biloxi, MS. Still a favorite picture of mine; Trombone was stolen this past fall.

I had thought of this blog topic earlier this year, but wanted to wait till I felt more compelled to write about it. With it being Independence day, I saw that it’d be a cheap plug to write about this today. Since I’ve started to become more reclusive with my social life, I’ve mainly been adding new acquaintances on social media but not really getting the nerve to ask them to hang out.

Personally, I have set rules for dating and such adult things. My favorite rule is the reason why I haven’t been seeing anyone.
Before you start dating (like official boyfriend/girlfriend), at least know them for six to nine months. You’ll know about their personalities all the way through, and see them at different points of their life.

If I have a mainly single lifestyle for the rest of my life, I am okay with that too. I used to fear being alone, dying alone. Now, I’ve embraced it. 

Engagement Rings

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen couples buy an engagement ring that’s the price of a beautiful home and then stop wearing the engagement band, all together (after being married). As someone who has become less wasteful over the past year, I cringe when I hear about engagement rings being returned or whichever. For those who have combined both rings (seared together) don’t irritate me as much. I’ve already been asked what type of ring would I want, and I would prefer an organic styled ring and or a vintage one. I would also would suggest saving the honeymoon for a few years down the line, for the fifth year anniversary or later. And maybe when I’m out of debt, I can pay for part of my own wedding. 

Being single has allowed me to go places and to sort out finances. I’ve started to live more independently, even if that means I cut certain expenses out from my lifestyle (movies, finer life things, etc.). For example, I should be able to pay next month’s rent this Friday instead of waiting till the end of the month. Knowing me, I’ll keep the money saved in my bank and pay the rent on time or a week early. And when I get the chance, I can make the next debt payment on my list. Because I’d rather not sack my partner with debt attached to my name, when my debt is because of medical/school debt.

Being Single is Okay

Finally, I would like to add a brief promise I made with myself last month. Sometimes, I am tempted to go buy things I don’t need (for example, tattoos). While I do plan on taking one trip in 2019, I also want to pay off at least $1,000 in debt by the time the trip has arrived.

I want to wait to purchase these items, until I am out of debt: a home, a pet, and a tattoo. These, amongst other items, can wait. Getting out of debt is more important than stressing about making rent and having a pet deposit/rent to cover. 

What is your favorite part about living independently, even if you are in a committed relationship? Let’s have a discussion in the comment section, and I wish you a fantastic week ahead!


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