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Hello and welcome to my tenth taking inventory series post. July has just begun and to me, summer fun has ended. I’ll explain why soon, but for now feel free to follow me on all available social media platforms (Instagram or Twitter are fun places to start).

Let’s go!

Word of the month: Transition. July is the last month that I’ll just have to work full-time (seasonal changes are also approaching). In August, I’ll be returning to the University of Oklahoma as a part-time student for my degree in English-Writing. This fall, I’ll only be taking two classes at three hours each, to balance with working tow part- time jobs. For most of July, I’ll be working on ways to capitalize on sleep, “down time” and creative times. I’m happy with the way  I have set-up my fall schedule. The main course will be introduction to world literature from August to December. The winter session online class with be history of jazz (December-January). Music Education was my first degree, so I already have a basic understanding of jazz.

Eating: I’ve started to become more aware of my stress eating habits. My goal this month, is to eat everything out of my pantry and to start having a fresh start on beginning new habits in August.

Drinking: Boy, is the weather turning up. The hot weather means more sunscreen and double-triple amounts of water. I’ve gone down to having two cups on coffee five days a week. If I’m not drinking water, then I’m drinking hot tea.

NIffler gif.GIF

Reading: In June, I read Barraccoon: The Last Black Cargo and Jane, Unlimited. This month, I have two newly published books to check-out for two book clubs. For the Barnes & Noble book club, the book will be Clock Dance (meeting on August 8th nationwide). On the 28th, I’ll be meeting with my local book club to discuss The Ruin.

Listening: Audio books! It’s the Harry Potter Summer Reading Challenge and I’m halfway through the Order of Phoenix. I’ve already yelled twice at my car, because listening to Harry argue with Ron and Hermione at six am is not too fun. I’ve also gotten quite annoyed at Umbridge, most recently today (when she bans Harry & the Weasley twins from Quidditch). If you’ve read the later books of Harry Potter, you’d understand the emotions of the book.

Making: Earlier, I mentioned doing a clean sweep” (you can tell I’e been listening to Harry Potter) of my pantry. I’ve now gone back to eating ramen noodles, but I add spices and more fresh veggies.

Watching:  I was able to watch the Goblet of Fire about two weeks ago and I’m still on season one of re-watching Lost. In other news,I’m now to the year 2000 with World Wrestling Federation’s Monday Night RAW episodes. I’ve now watched the “Attitude Era” and story line’s are cooling down. 90’s TV is interesting.

Y2J Selfie
Fun picture I took this past Saturday night of a different hair style I’ve been wearing. It’s a hair style I’ve been seeing in 90’s-2000’s wrestling. It’s putting part of your hair up higher, and letting it fall into two portions. Go Jericho, GO!

Smelling: Lavender essential oils and greenery smelling candles. And, a clean bathroom in my apartment.

Book Marking: I was going to write that I haven’t found anything of late, but a online blogger friend of mine (I’d say she’s a friend, even if I haven’t met her yet), Katie, released her personal line of clothing and mugs for her travel blog. I’ve been following Katie for two years and I’ve learned a lot of travel advice via her blog and newsletters. This link here, is the link to her merchandise (not affiliated link, just plugging in her merchandise for future reference). I hope to buy one of her mugs this fall. I’ve broken at least two mugs and two wine glasses this year alone!

Loving: My simplified lifestyle. I’ve started to decease my spending and manage to only go out to eat two times a month. My biggest dilemma is embracing a plastic-free lifestyle. The issues is with single-used breakfast shakes. I have a tendency to run late in the mornings, and need nutrition.


Enjoying: The last of the summer plans I have for July. Oklahoma Shakespeare In The Park will be performing The French Revolutionist and I’ll be going on the 19th. On the 24th, a friend and I will be going to a 

live Drum Corps International show, for the southwest area. I haven’t attended a live DCI show since the summer of 2011, at leadership camp.

Feeling: Anxious. Mainly because I’m starting to prepare for the fall. Specifically, September. Over the past few years, I’ve realized that any changes (positive or negative) that has occurred in my life, tends to happen in September. I’ve moved, lost employment and friends, car problems, etc. 2015-2017 is where the trend has occurred, something I didn’t pick-up on until last year. Last July, I had a pre-panic attack about September. In July? When its hot and all I want is water?
Depression hits me the hardest in September. That, I believe is due to the weather changes. And yeah, maybe that means increasing my own self-care and medicine. For now though, I am just happy that July is here and that my health is improving. 

Writing Space
This is a sneak peak of what my desk looks like when I’m planning. Somehow, all of it makes sense in the midst of chaos.



Thank you for taking the time to read another Taking Inventory series.  wish you a productive month of July! 



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