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2018 NaNoWriMo Goals & Advice

Today's blog post, is a follow up to the part one discussion of NaNoWriMo.

Life, Taking Inventory Series


Hello and welcome to my tenth taking inventory series post. July has just begun and to me, summer fun has ended. I'll explain why soon, but for now feel free to follow me on all available social media platforms (Instagram or Twitter are fun places to start). Let's go! Word of the month: Transition. July… Continue reading 07.2018


HRC Harry Potter Summer Reading Challenge

The idea is simple: you read books one through seven, the Hogwarts Library, and the Cursed Child between May 1- August 31st. Bonus if you get to read the Fantastic Beast screenplay before the challenge ends.


Its my favorite month of the YEAR!

Maybe its because I turn 23. ALL THE FREE GIFTS! THANKS STARBUCKS! Maybe its because tomorrow I will be flying out to New York City.  I will have a follow up blog when I arrive in NYC, or at least after I've left NYC. Or, its because I am a admin on the Harry Potter… Continue reading Its my favorite month of the YEAR!