HRC Harry Potter Summer Reading Challenge

Hello, and welcome to a quite delayed blog! I, like many people, enjoy book discussions and wonderful tips I’ve learned through life. You can always follow me on my Facebook page, or via WordPress. Today’s blog may lead you to join the Facebook group that’s been active since 2016. 

The Harry Potter series has now been around for twenty years, and there’s more new readers to the series. I didn’t read the series (completely) until 2013. A few times during my elementary school days, would I read the first few books, and watch the first movie countless times. I had never gotten past book six until a few years ago, thanks to the Harry Potter Summer Reading Challenge. 


Harry Potter Running Club

In 2016, I joined the Harry Potter Running Club (aka HRC). It’s a virtual running charity that lets you run miles for your house, and also run for the charity for each run/month. Soon after the HRC group was created, a Doctor Who Running Club was also created! Both organizations have great success with being an amazing group to interact with.

Click here to vist the Hogwarts Running Club page! 😀

The Harry Potter challenge, started as a branch from the HRC running club, because of  how many HP fans were in the HRC group, and were also interested in physical fitness. I tossed the idea to members of the HRC Facebook page, and was surprised by how many new and veteran fans wanted to participate!

The Summer Reading Challenge

The idea is simple: you read books one through seven, the Hogwarts Library, and the Cursed Child between May 1- August 31st. Bonus if you get to read the Fantastic Beast screenplay before the challenge ends.

There’s a discussion group (600+ readers), on the Facebook group specifically designed for this event. You can read the books to your children, or have them read it to you. Even audio books and e-readers count towards this challenge. 
While this was supposed to be published on the first of this Month, don’t fear about trying to play catch-up! The first through the 11th of May is dedicated to book one (Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosophers Stone). May 11th through 22nd is for the second book (Chamber of Secrets), and the end 23rd through the 31st is for book three (Prisoner of Azkaban). 

I didn’t get to start book one, until the fourth of May, and was able to complete the seven disc set by the 9th. The only times I listen to the audio book, is when I am commuting to and from work. I’m actually down to the last half of the Chamber of Secrets! I’ll be listening to the audio books for the first five books, and I would like to read book six and seven (since I haven’t read them much).

Everyone is welcome to join the HRC Harry Potter Summer Reading Challenge group page to discuss the book, and have a printable Certificate for home. Hope to see you participating with many more readers around the world! 

Click here to join the HRC Harry Potter Summer Reading Challenge Facebook Group!

Picture I took in 2016, shortly before participating in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) House competition. GO HUFFLEPUFF!



Which Harry Potter book is your personal favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and I wish you all the best! 

Danielle (link to my Facebook Page)

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