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Happy Friday! This blurb was supposed to be released on Monday, but I didn’t get to it till today. Today’s blog post, is about relaxation. Just so you know, you can always connect with me on my Facebook page, as well as here on my small WordPress blog. Wishing you the best this weekend, so enjoy this blog!

Daily Life

When you think about it, consistency builds us as characters. I am someone who doesn’t do well with daily consistency. Part of it is because when something unexpected occurs, my nitrite day feels thrown. Over the past year, I have finally begun learning how to deal with daily life, as well as the surprises.

The only days I ever have off from both of my part-time jobs, is Wednesdays. Some Wednesdays, I stay home all day. Others, I go and accomplish any errands that I wasn’t able to get done during the week. Earlier this week, I struggled with motivating myself to get out the door- it was my ninth day working in a row, which has been my limit. It helped that I was able to know that after work, that I would be free for the evening.





How is it possible to relax on the days you have to work?

On the days that I work both jobs, I always have a two to five hour break between them. This is the time that I use to go complete errands, take a nap at home, or even accomplish some reading. Usually its on the weekends that I work what I call a “double day.” On Saturdays, I relax by either taking a nap or even reading a book.

Meditation, is a new practice for me. While I have been working on it for off and on since this past fall, I am becoming better at making sure that I take at least five minutes per day to just breathe. Those five minutes are usually done in the early morning, or even the late evening between jobs. Even breathing in silence can help clear the mind!

A new favorite way to relax, is by infusing natural essential oils into my baths and showers. Especially, lavender. With the summer months approaching (or, already here for the Southwest part of the United States). daily showering is a must. You’d be surprised how many people actually don’t shower every day! Just one or two drops of essential oil can boost your mental and physical health.

And, there are days where I intentionally plan to accomplish nothing. If I end up feeling like doing something, then it works for me either way. That was this past Tuesday, when after going home, I was able to clean my apartment, accomplish some writing, and more.

Simple Advice

1. Do what makes you happy: What is a hobby that helps you relax? For me, its gardening and practicing my photography. Take a few minutes each week, to work on your hobbies, as a way to relax. Hobbies are not meant to be stressful.

2. Is there a sport you enjoy watching? What about a TV show? I take at least three hours a week to relax while watching TV. I enjoy watching sports as a way to relax. Note: I have actually noticed that its not just watching the sport that I enjoy, but its the listening to the commentary that I find soothing.

3. Take a break from social media. During Mother’s Day weekend, I had to avoid social media as much as possible. For personal reasons, I didn’t interact much with anyone, for my own health. Don’t judge your failures by someone else’s success. Each of us has a different road, as well as a different story. Go tell your story.


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Do you have any advice for relaxation? Let fellow readers know in the comments, and I wish you all the best!


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