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Hello and welcome to another Writer’s Wednesday blog. I enjoy publishing writing related blogs on Wednesdays. This helps keep blog posting consistent, as well as being able to have various subjects to talk about. I took last week off from publishing anything, but  I was able to accomplish “life” things. If you enjoy my weekly Wednesday series, always feel free to follow me here on WordPress. 🙂

Back in November of 2017, I wrote a similar blog. It was written during National Novel Writing Month, and felt like a short and choppy narration on what it’s like to live with me.

Every writer has its own writing or learning style. Mine continues to evolve, as I learn where and when I write best.  Everyone’s got there own advice but sometimes, it doesn’t always match your own lifestyle.


The best time for me to write is early morning or mid-day. AT the end of the day, I’m already exhausted and don’t want to do anything. If any ideas brew in my mind, I always have my trusty notebook to jot it down. For example, last night I remembered an idea I had for when I publish my first novel. I want it published on 100$ recycled paper, which plays into the story.

Digital Space

I’ll be twenty-five soon, and a lot of people assume that I prefer having everything written down digitally first. While my goal is to reduce the amount of paper I write on, I have learned to also work with writing by hand and digital writing. Most of my blogs are written directly online before I edit it and publish. If its my own novel, I hand write what I can first and then type up my edited works. I have, however, just started switching my paid magazine subscriptions (only one right now) towards being a digital edition. Saves me money and trees.  I am learning to use my writing lifestyle to work within my Eco-Friendly lifestyle. Some days its difficult, other days its a breeze.


This is the one where I am learning more about what works and doesn’t work. For example, I can write blogs easily with sports on in the background. If its novel writing, I either have no music or a Deep Focus playlist from Spotify. This is most likely because novel writing means I need to focus on dialogue creation. My apartment, I have learned, is not the best place to write. Unless I’m sitting on my front porch. Too many distractions in my house. On the days I remember to bring my backpack with me, I usually go to the library in between jobs, or go for some mid-day coffee.
Pictured below, is today’s (Tuesday) set-up. Most days, I have several papers out at once, but I’ve managed to keep my work station clear. Except coffee, of course!


Computer Tip: Keep your wallpapers simple, yet motivational. The screensaver (for my writing/work account), is of the University of Oklahoma’s Reading Room in the Bizzell Library.

My Best Tools

I mentioned my backpack, and my writing backpack is full of everything I need for my writing. I have a folder for my blog, a folder for random writing ideas and a folder for my novel. That same novel also has an entire half-used journal for plot development, character sheets and more. I have a journal dedicated for writing pages. A writing technique I learned from chapter two of The Writer’s Portable Mentor.  A fellow NaNoWriMo friend here in the city recommend the book a couple of years ago (I try to work in it when I can). Its the idea that every day, you should write free hand fifteen minutes in the writing journal. There are different practice exercises  you can do to learn more about your characters, plot, and writings. I tend to write in the journal once a week. Sometimes, I write my book reviews in it (before I post it online). If I go back through and use what I wrote for blogs or novels, I write completed on the margins, so I know that I’ve already used that idea. 

As with any backpack, I always make sure I have at least a few pens, pencils, and sticky notes. Highlighter’s aren’t as necessary for my writing like it used to be. Over this past year, I have been able to use my stash of pens, pencils, and highlighters. The amount of sticky notes I own is now down to the recycled set from Office Depot. Most likely, I will still continue my transition with digital writing. I’m still stocked up on paper and when I use it all up, I’ll be buying recycled paper.

To-Do Lists

I learned last week that if I accomplish all my to-do list items, I still find that I need to procrastinate. And actually, if I do everything that I can to procrastinate on first, then after the “procrastination list” is done, I actually have nothing to stall me from working (clearing out my email inbox). I spent last Monday afternoon and part of Tuesday knocking out a majority of my list. By Wednesday, I had more time to write. And I did accomplish writing!

For those who are using digital platforms to help with their writing, what programs have you used? For example, my favorite digital sticky note application is Google Keep. I have a lot of lists on Google Keep! Thank you so much for reading this blog, and as always feel free to follow me here on WordPress. Wishing you a fantastic creative week! 😀

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