Taking Inventory Series


Did someone say summertime- welcome to the halfway point of 2018! This taking inventory series is an adaptation from Keria Lenox’s blog. I have decided to remove one or two things this month, since what I eat or drink never changes. This is now my tenth month to publish these blogs. My writings blogs vary from lifestyle to literature discussions. 

Let’s begin!

World of the Month: Peace. I have learned to work within my life schedule to have set times and days for bringing peace into my inner circle. What is peace? Peace to me is a sense of calm in one’s life, environment, or with your friends. Do you ever just sip your tea or coffee and even after a couple of breathes, you just feel at ease? That to me, is what feeling at peace is. So for the month of June, I am wanting to keep a mindful watch of my emotions.

Listening: Audio books are underrated. I didn’t realize how much I drive to and from work (two jobs, along with errands). The Harry Potter Summer Reading Challenge started last month, and today I’ll be starting the Goblet of Fire via CD (I checked it out via the library of course). Most of June will be spent listening to Goblet of Fire, Order of Phoenix, and Half-Blooded Prince. I was able to listen to the first three books the entire month of May. Did I also mention that listening to a book first thing in the morning is a for sure way to wake you up?

Watching: I canceled Netflix in March. A lot of what has been talked about amidst my co-workers is on Netflix, but some things I have found on Hulu. I am not one to watch too many TV shows or movies anyways, so I’ll still stick to my sports and re-watching Lost on Hulu. After I finish listening to the Harry Potter audio books, I plan on re-watching movies 4-6. 


Reading: In May, I completed Frankenstein (book review being released this upcoming Friday). I started reading my Grandfather’s family history book he wrote that’s only one hundred and fifty-ish pages.
A co-worker invited me to a Book Club! I went to the B&N Book Club meeting in May but hadn’t been to many book club meetings over the years. For June, I’ll be reading Jane Unlimited during the last two weeks of June. Not sure what other book I will be reading, but most likely it’ll be a book already on my shelf. Currently going through what’s on my shelf and reading it. If I don’t want it anymore, than I give it to a fellow book worm.

Smelling: This one hardly ever changes. But with summer here (already here for those of us in the Southwest area of the States), then sunscreen is a must. I just bought new spray on sunscreen for the first time in five years

Loving: My consistent work schedule. It feels nice knowing what my day is going to be like, and in what order. I also will be okay with going to go run in the late evening. Also, I have a garden growing now. Yay for tomatoes and flowers. 🙂

Book Marking: For my fellow bloggers, wording is everything. I found this blog about words and phrases to cut out of your blogging. I have it saved, to double check which words I use.

Enjoying: The summer plans I have for this month. Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park is returning, and I am excited to being able to go see Midsummer’s Night Dream on the 7th. That same weekend, I’ll be going down to Broken Bow, Oklahoma to spend two days with family at our annual family reunion. I have not attended our Sullivan family reunion in over five years! While I do plan on catching up with family members, I will set time for myself to go outside and practice my writing (and photography) skills in nature.


Feeling: June is always the exciting month, socially and personally. It’s my birthday month! I’ll be turning twenty-five (Quadranscentennial) shortly after Father’s Day. I’ve requested my Birthday off, so hopefully I will get to go celebrate, even if its just me.
In June, I do plan on writing a blog about being a Gemini-Cancer Cusp Child. If you are into astrology and horoscopes, you might enjoy this feature!

I am getting better at life. I’ve learned to appreciate my weekly bubble baths and weekly to bi-weekly artistic dates. When I do get a chance  to socialize, being present helps improve conversations and mental awareness.

My garden has been able to work well with being on the 3rd floor and partial sun. The header picture is from last week, with the neighborhood cat in my garden! I’ve seen this cat around the apartment before, and I was quite excited to see the cat that afternoon and then early the next day.


Do you have any exciting plans for the month of June? Let me know in the comments and I wish you the best, as we kick off the summer!

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