LGBTQIA Questionnaire

Hello, and welcome to my multi-layered, multi-dimensional blog. Today’s discussion is about LGBTQIA novels, with a link to the survey I created a few weeks back (at the end of this blog). As always, feel free to follow me on my blog (hosted by WordPress) or via my Facebook page


One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard about in novels, TV Shows, etc. is that if a character is a part of the LGBTQIA community the events that the character goes through doesn’t truly resemble a person’s beliefs, actions, and more relate-able things that occur in life.
Other “things” I’ve heard complained about, is that the amount of LGBTQIA novels (quality novels). Once, an avid reader told me that the reason he returned one book to Barnes & Noble, is because of the stereotypical character dilemma, with two gay characters. One of them had an abusive parent, which was why that character reveled with his sexuality choice.

Our society is continuing to grow and evolve towards appreciating gender neutrality and various diversities of characters within novels. While there’s been progress, there’s still more to be made. As an Ally, I’ve always wondered how could I write LGBTQIA friendly novels, that accurately portrays characters being a part of the community, as well as having emotions and fears related to?

The Questionnaire

That’s why I wrote the LGBTQIA questionnaire- so those who are (and are not) members of the community, could weigh in on two novels I’m working on. One is ghost-written, the other is my own.

I’ll most likely make a second survey later on this summer. It’ll be more questions that I wasn’t able to ask in the first survey. The survey/questionnaire is accessible via Google Forms, and is completely anonymous. No one will see the results, but me. 

The link for the Questionnaire is right below this sentence, so please feel free to take the questionnaire for novel research.

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What are your biggest complaints and fears for LGBTQIA friendly novels? Let me know in the comments, and I will love to interact with you on social media.

Danielle (link Facebook Page)

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