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2018 NaNoWriMo Goals & Advice

Good afternoon! Today’s blog post, is a follow up to the part one discussion of NaNoWriMo. As always, feel free to follow me here on WordPress for future blog posts on Monday’s & Wednesday’s. 
Let’s begin!

Monday’s blog was about the progress in the 2015-2017 participation years with National Novel Writing Month. With 21 days till this years writing frenzy, there’s one thing I haven’t done yet: 

Yep, this year I’m going to pants this project. By the definition, its walking into the month, with no plan. Or, at least for my sake, no plotting, no character worlds being built, or various other steps involved with planning.

I’m honestly looking forward to this, because too much planning is draining.

This was something I wanted to do last year, but I had an idea that I wanted to test run (short stories). I was also concerned with going into November with no plan. This year alone, I have done more writing without a structure. Which has helped me learn where my faults are at, as a writer.

This year’s November goal is to not plan plots, characters, and themes. I will, however, plan out ideal writing schedules to work around my work and college schedule. As well as writing out ideal blog prompts for the month of November (not all of them will be centered around NaNoWriMo). 

If, during a writing sprint, I find that an idea or scene needs to be continued into another scene or possible short story, I’ll do some planning during November. By that, I mean writing out on a sticky note what the next mini goal for the next writing is. This is so I can begin learning a way to create something and then being able to return to it, with the  same plan in mind.




The first goal that came to mind in September, was that I was going to hand-write the entire novel in a set journal.

Again, no electronics. Why? How will my right hand survive!

Over the past three years, I’ve wasted a lot of time during November re-typing up my writings, to get a word count. Last year, I spent a lot of time editing what I originally wrote on the computer. That’s hours wasted! And, editing during November doesn’t need to happen. Actually, you are technically not supposed to edit during November, but I have a tendency to continuously change the format of paragraphs, fonts, etc.

The journal I am using for this year’s November project, is just a standard composition notebook. I have a similar journal I’ll use this month, to prepare me for any questions I have going into November. The writing pages journal is an idea from the Writer’s Manual book. Just last month, I created a Writer’s/Author notebook, so I can track my daily word count, ideas, and other inspirational sections.
For the sake of word coating, I’ll have to write as much as  I can in my 2018 November journal.

Because of my schedule, I’m hardly ever near my laptop or iPad. I’m just as fast as writing by hand as I am with typing. This goal will help me move on with each page, so I can break the hat of editing while I write. And, this parallels with another writing goal for this month.

This month, I’ve been working on creating on a more consistent schedule (to prep me for November and the following months). For now, that means practicing some various styles of writing and answering personal artistic questions, in my writing pages journal. I use this journal to learn more about my creative self and what my goals are.

60,000 words

(not including term paper, morning pages, and other writing items)

Every year, I’ve been able to increase my word count each time. Even with me handwriting this years NaNoWriMo, I plan on keeping my word count tracking in the margins and/or in the newly created authors journal. This will be tested as the month goes along.

Over the past year, I’ve been using what I own. For years, I had a stash of journals, paper, and various school supplies. Because of the adjustments I made with my living style, I have been learning to use what I can first. Being Eco-friendly has its ups and downs. I am working on transiting to more Eco-friendly office products. I cane hard a lot of criticism being thrown my way “you have a computer, use it! Save paper!” This is where my creating style conflicts a little with some of my ideals.



  1. Learning who you are as a writer is part of the evolution. In that same token, I’ve grasped unto the idea that writing by hand helps with memory and learning. Spelling is my worst trait. It wasn’t until l made my return to college, that I realized I continue to make basic mistakes with grammar, punctuation, etc. One of the prominent reasons that I hand write my class notes. Then, I revise notes after reading through them (and listen to the recordings). I’m also one who edits better when I’ve had my work typed and then edited by hand. Yeah, I know- there’s more Eco-friendly ways to accomplish these tasks. For now, the system works. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to switch to a more digital format.

  2. Time management. This blog was originally written on paper before class. Typing it back up, I restructured a lot of unfinished thoughts. This is something that can wait till December, when November starts. My favorite pieces of advice for November is to meal plan and write out any lists ahead of time. And if possible, get them done before the month begins. This weekend, I’m making a trip home (pre-holiday trip) and will be doing several loads of laundry.

  3. Leave room for new possibilities, and goals. This one applies this year, for me. Other small goals could be curated between now and October 31st. A plot line can form by November 16th. Leave room for creativity, imagination, and the sheer art of writing flow. 

Want to be a writing buddy with me on the NaNoWriMo page? Add me HERE. If this is your first time to consider participating in National Novel Writing Month, or even if this is your fourth, enjoy the progress that flows with it.


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