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Middle of Week 9 University

Good evening! Today’s blurb blog post will show some little college events going on in my world. As always, feel free to follow me here on WordPress for future postings. 

This semester, I am taking six hours. One class is world literature to 1700. This class is on Tuesdays & Thursdays every week. The second class doesn’t start until December, since its a winter intermission class. That class will count towards my general education credit. That’ll be the history of jazz. Since that class will be online, I don’t have to commute to school during that month.

Just registered for spring and summer 2019 classes. During the spring semester, I will be taking 11 hours (3 classes). Two classes will be from January to May, one will be a spring intermission course from mid-May to June. I’ll be communing Mondays through Fridays, since I’ll have German everyday and the follow up world literature course on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. 

My commutes to and from the University of Oklahoma take an hour to and from school. I’ve been asked why I don’t move closer to Norman. Unfortunately, it would take more money to move out to an expensive college town. It’s cheaper to live in Oklahoma City and commute, than to live in or on the outskirts of the town. I also own a smart car, so filing up a gas tank isn’t as difficult as it was while driving a Buick or a Dodge truck.

Since this fall was my first semester back in college, I have started to learn how to manage stress. I have to take things daily and with small steps. I’m writing this blurb blog as concise as I can, so I can start my homework. 

Two weeks ago, the first exam happened. I panicked the first fifteen minutes of the exam. Vocabulary, over words that none of the students had access to studying. I take my exams with the disability resource center- my anxiety goes through the roof during exams, presentations, discussions, etc. Taking an exam away from the classroom, and into a quite environment helps me stay focused. 

In three weeks, we will have our second exam. While this was originally not scheduled, the professor added it in because of how the first exam went. I technically made a 98.5 on the first exam, originally it was a 89.5 (before bonus points were added in). This second test can be our final exam, or to replace our first test score. 

The first six weeks of the semester was spent studying Egypt and Mesopotamia literature. Weeks 7-12 will be spent on Greece and Roman literature. We just wrapped up reviewing the Iliad, which is what my term pap;er is over. I’ve had fun the past two weeks finally getting to learn about Greek literature. Greek literature was something never discussed during my previous college years, or high school English classes.

Life is pretty good right now. The next blog post will be on Monday, when I start getting my schedule back in order. I went to Texas this past weekend and I’m still trying to get life organized before my term paper is due and the next exam.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. I’d like to thank all my followers and continuing readers who have continued to support me during various struggles in life. Know that you are cared for and loved.


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