Environmentalism Challenges

Good afternoon and welcome to yet another Monday to start the week! Hope you are doing well in the midst of all the life events going on in various parts of the world. Today’s blog post is about a small problem I discovered this summer: environmentalism lifestyle has its difficulties. As always, you can follow me here for future WordPress blogs on Mondays and Wednesdays.


One month’s worth of recycling, earlier this year.

Plastic Free

This summer, I set a goal that started out great, and then fell mid-way through July. The goal was to go as plastic free as possible. Besides bringing in reusable cups and straws to restaurants, it meant taking a deeper look at items I bought that were encased in plastic.

Batteries, plastic bags for cheese and produce, snack bags- the list goes on. At times, I would come home feeling disgusted about the amount of plastic used for products. The quickest and easiest solution to continue using plastic, is to start having companies use recycled plastic to encase products. Especially household products.

One argument against using recycled plastic in the grocery isle I’ve heard, was that the recycled plastic wasn’t fresh with the produce or food items, and could spread germs faster than if it was newer plastic. Well, okay then. 

With the summer heat, staying hydrated is important. At least three times this summer, I would keep forgetting to bring my reusable bottle or lose it entirely. After having to buy bottled water bottles each time, I opted in keeping one plastic bottle in my car just in case.


Aero garden produced a lot of yummy veggies this summer. Also pictured: my produce reusable bags

Lessons Learned


This fall, I created a new plan: reducing the amount of plastic in my life. I already take in reusable bags for when I go grocery shopping. I usually opt out of plastic bags when I’m doing household or bookstore shopping, except for on the occasion that I’ll need a plastic bag for taking out my bathroom’s tiny trash or my cat’s kitty litter. Those are the only times when I’ll take plastic bags, to use within my household.

I used up the last of my zip lock baggies and any other plastic or paper towels mid-way through the summer. I’ve been using a dishtowel to do dishes. Eventually, I’ll purchase environmentally friendly sponges on Amazon. I’m making a master list of household items I want to for sure buy in 2019. Most items can wait till after the holidays. Like AAA batteries. 

The largest struggle I have with plastic items, is things like bagged pretzels or cookies. Those are indulgent foods for me! Speaking of indulgent foods, cereals one that uses both cardboard boxes and plastic. This week, I opted into just buying  bagged cereal in the future. If only healthier brands would also switch to bag only- what a difference that would make!

Plastic-free lifestyle has a higher price tag up front. If you want to buy granola or cereal at Sprouts, you could bring in your own container or bag and fill it up with granola. Bulk food shopping at its best! Some stores would prefer if you asked if you can bring in your own container before you filled it up. Downside, is that the price for granola/cereal at Sprouts (compared to already bagged granola) starts at $3-6 per pound. One bagged cereal is about $2.50 and with a 1.5 pounds of cereal.

Living in Oklahoma, there’s not a lot of options that let shoppers have a better environmental impact on the environment. The recycling center near me takes me a hour to drive to it. One of the things we can’t recycle? PLASTIC.

I’ve learned to do what I can, with what I can. Starting small with reusable bags is totally fine. It means you are starting the conversation, and even reminding the human race that we need less waste!! 

Cough cough: apartment complex’s should have recycling trash bins for the city to pick up and composting should be more excepted in various parts of the city.

This is a new adventure with me. Recently, I’ve been going through my own household and cooking supplies, making sure I use everything up before I buy another item. For example, I am down to my last candle! I’ve been stocked up on candles for at least ten years and now I can go pick out a soy candle! Knowing me, I’ll wait till the candle is used before I consider getting a soy candle. 

In the next couple of months, I plan on setting out goals for 2019. I usually start acting on those goals in December, so expect a future blog post about some future environmentalism goals I have planned in 2019!

Thank you so much for reading this blog entry! What are some small steps you take to have less waste in your community? Let’s chat about all the options we have as humans to help Mother Earth in the comments below. 


6 thoughts on “Environmentalism Challenges”

  1. Good for you to be going at it so hard. That takes commitment! Although I wouldn’t leave plastic bottles in the car because the sun causes them to leach dioxin or whatever the heck it’s made of! Thanks for sharing your efforts!

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