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Everyone wants to own books, even me. Over the past year, I’ve been downsizing as much as I can. The easiest section for me to start with, is always books. Most books are donated to friends and family, or sent to the library. 
While right now I’ve been going through and reading through my spirituality section, the one section that I know won’t change, is my shelf lined with children’s books!

Library Shelf
The shelves dedicated to children’s literature.

Importance of Children’s Literature

Reading’s been something that’s been instilled in me since I was in third grade. I always loved stories, amidst the childhood events I was dealing with. Living with an abusive father, books were an escape for me. 

Some traditional children’s books, I still have yet to read. The first two books that come to mind are The Giving Tree, The Little Prince, and Charlotte’s Web. Last year, I finally got to read Where the Wild Things Are. Loved the message of the book. Hence why I have started to enjoy reading and thinking of children’s literature stories.


I have met adults and children who admit that they did not start to enjoy reading, until they got to read what they enjoyed. For me, my reading waned a little bit during middle school and high school. Especially during high school, where I wasn’t yet prepared for classic literature.

Peter Pan

The little porcelain figurine is a family heirloom in a painting by great-grandmother.  

I have an entire shelf dedicated to Peter Pan. Ever since I was a kid, I always loved the idea of being able to fly away from reality. Last year, I finally got to read the entire children’s story for the first time. Other Peter Pan books on the shelf include Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook and The Annotated Peter Pan.

What’s On My Shelf

Earlier, I mentioned how I was clearing out some unread books. The books that are on my children’s shelf are 100% approved to stay. On the top shelf is where I put all my children’s box sets. Harry Potter series, Hogwarts library, and the Cursed Child is still children’s/juvenile for me. This summer, I had listened to books 1-7 on audio book and still need to read the Hogwarts library and the Cursed Child.

The oldest children’s book set I have, once belonged to my grandmother (with my stepmother’s family). Little House on the Prairie box set is at least fifty years old. Originally published in 1941, the box set I have was released in 1953. I’ve read the first book millions of times, but never made it to the second. Little House on the Prairie was the book set that helped me make it through my childhood.

Another book that helped, felt too accurate at the time. I discovered this book around 5th grade, which was perfect timing. Again, finishing the series didn’t last very long. The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket first two books captured my attention. When I went to Texas months ago, I brought back the all-in-one book to my shelf.

The third children’s box set is one that I’ve only had brought to me in the past two years. It was my grandmother’s edition of The Chronicles of Narnia. In the winter of 2016, I read the first two books. During that time, I wrote two book reviews of the books. The links to all my children’s book reviews will be shown at the end of this blog.

All three sets are on my “to complete reading” list. The other books on my shelf, are a mix of stand alone children’s books. These books are:

How Many Ways Can You Cut a Pie?
A Dragon in a Wagon
Poky Little Puppy’s Special Day
Counting Sea Animals (the only book I have that was never returned to the library)
The Little Prince
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
There’s a Wocket in my Pocket!
One fish two fish red fish blue fish
Hop on Pop
Great Day for Up
The Cat in the Hat
Put Me in the Zoo
The Christmas Miracle


I do have two mini booklets that were my great-grandfather’s quite games and brain resters and testers book, both published in 1925. Love referencing to it for a fun break time.

I’ve been asked by friends who visit my apartment if I was saving these children’s books for my own future children. I hold on to them, because they were my first owned books. These books have memories that I am not ready to part with. And on the subject of kids? I’ll save that for another day.

Want to check out previous children’s book reviews? Click on these links to read more of my past blog work.

The Lost Boy Book Review
Peter Pan (book I finished in 2017)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Part One 

The Chronicles of Narnia: Part Two

As always, you can follow me here on WordPress for future blog postings on Monday’s & Wednesday’s . What are some of your favorite children’s literature books? Let’s chat about it in the comment section below, and I look forward to interacting with you throughout the week.



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