Its my favorite month of the YEAR!

Maybe its because I turn 23.




Maybe its because tomorrow I will be flying out to New York City. 


I will have a follow up blog when I arrive in NYC, or at least after I’ve left NYC.

Or, its because I am a admin on the Harry Potter Summer Reading Challenge Facebook group, and everyone’s reading and re-reading, and enjoying the Harry Potter series all over again.

People need to stop spamming my group, dang it!

Could it be that I found a part-time job, so I can get some more income in to knock out debt payments?


Budgeting is real life.

Have I mentioned that I am going on a Internship in Dallas, Texas from August 2016 to June 2017?

Oh, I get to travel too.

In other words, fantastic events are coming in my life, and I can’t wait to share it.

Oh! The foster kittens from my previous blog post are doing well, and are still running around! Its really nice that I am able to take care of them, but it looks like I will be keeping them for sometime before they will be adopted out. 

Can we also talk about how WWE Smackdown! is going to be LIVE every Tuesday, starting in July? But that’s July, let’s focus on June.




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