Cats and kittens

Do you love cats? What about reading adoption stories?

Be prepared for some cute pictures, good chuckles, and some good tears. 

I grew up with dogs, and I still have my dogs. My first adopted pet, was a dog. I moved out of state, went to college for a bit, and then I did not want to selfishly bring my dog out of state to come with me, because my older dog was enjoying being a ranch dog, with my sisters ranch dog.

After talking with my family in October of 2013, I visited the Oklahoma City Bethany area adoption center. I had to pick an animal that was within budget, and had no experience with younger animals. I loved dogs, and couldn’t decide on a pet, and eventually leaned towards having a cat.

My sister adopted a cat, Spaz, and he grew up on the ranch since around 2011, and he’s pretty funny. He also doesn’t like having too much attention. Anyways…

In time for Halloween, I adopted Felix, who was approximately 2 years old and had dirt around his eyes and around his nose. Below is the first picture I took with Felix.1384100_10151956401020926_288235158_n

And I had fun taking Felix to Norman, when I got to return to school for a year, and it was nice to have him updated on his shots, flea treatment, and even giving him some cat nip every once in a while. Felix became more of an outdoor cat, and I would bring him inside before storms, and when he would come home. The neighborhood knew Felix, and loved to give him love, and knew to call me for any questions or concerns.

I also became a regular volunteer at the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare from August 2015 to January 2016, and I had so much fun helping out when I could!
Then comes the holiday season this past year (2015) and Felix was getting lonely. 


Felix, watching me work on homework. He was not entertained.

I knew that having just entertaining Felix wouldn’t be the only thing he would want to look forward to, so the day after Christmas, I adopted a second cat. Once again, budget was small, and I was fine with adopting a old cat. I managed to find a cat through the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare, and that was where I found Sarah. Sarah, was approximately 12 years old, and was very small for her size. Four pounds, and was so tiny, that she would sleep on my back or my tummy at night time. It was cute. Felix, at first, was not thrilled, but eventually they did become friends. Slow introductions are best!

Yes, Sarah’s this tiny.


Sarah, she was underweight, and I was able to get her to eat wet cat food, and even took her to the vet. She had some minor and major health problems like me, and I with her age, I was just fine helping her live out the rest of her life. Sarah was kept inside, and eventually she did transition to living more outdoors, following Felix everywhere. It was a cute friendship to watch unfold.

I relocated to Texas at the beginning of the new year, and my cats relocated to my hometown and have adjusted to being on the ranch, and also being mice hunters. Okay, in the pictures, you may notice that Felix and Sarah don’t have cat collars on. Yes, they do have collars. After we moved to the ranch, the cats managed to get the tags off, possibly tangled up in something. I’ve looked everywhere, but I have not found any of them.

Look at this cute photo from this Spring, when a calf was born, and Sarah wanted to come see!



And its been four days since Felix and Sarah went missing.

This is the sad part, and I am trying to stay positive. While we do live on a ranch, it is possible that nature can come and take cats, cows, horses, possums, etc. away.  We have bobcats and coyotes in the area, too. Me and my family leave nature alone, and let its cycle go on its own.

The last time I had seen Felix, he was grooming himself on the porch , and I gave him some attention, and I had already feed him later that afternoon. Sarah, had a sore on her belly that I knew about, cleaned up, and was healing really well! Thank you Internet. The closets vet was two hours away, and like I already said, Sarah has had a lengthy life. Sarah, nonetheless, was napping, under the log holder on the porch. I have a cute picture when all my dogs are napping with her too, and I thought it was cute.


After feeding my horse, I noticed Sarah and Felix was gone. They’ll be back, maybe they went hunting again. That night, I kept checking outside, under the house, and everywhere. Day two was terrible. I had this panic sit in, and I knew something was up. By Friday night, I cried.

I live with my family, so the only cat they care about was Felix. They did not like Sarah, because she was old, and wanted attention. I’ve been the only one actively searching for my cats, and I still have not found them. So tomorrow, I will go to my local shelter and see if they may have been turned in.

The coolest thing happened in the beginning of May. We at least need a happy ending.


I was at the Farmers Market on the first Saturday of May, and a lady was walking around with a box of kittens; five of them to be exact. I had to turn them down at first, even if they were for free. I did offer to take them to the shelter of my hometown, Rita B. Huff. Rita B. Huff did just become a “no kill shelter” and I hadn’t been able to go and asset with volunteering. So I went to the small shelter, and learned that they were full, and so I put my name on the list for when they have a spot open to accept the kittens. I’ve been feeding the kittens soft kitten food, Goat Milk, KMR, and healthy kitten foods that a group on Facebook has helped me find. It is now day 16, and I have not heard from the shelter. With it being Sunday right now, I plan on checking in with the shelter tomorrow.

————                         ————–                                     —————-

Sarah’s five month anniversary was approaching, and Felix’s three year anniversary comes in October. Maybe nature and Mother Earth was telling me that Sarah’s time on this Earth is now over, and maybe Felix’s time was called up too. But now I have the kittens that I am grateful for, so maybe this is a sign for good things to come.

A cat lover too,



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