What’s In My Tote Bag, AKA My “Purse”

Tote Bag

Hello, from whenever you are reading this! I hope the past few weeks of January have been filled with love, hope, and the occasional de-cluttering. Speaking of de-cluttering, March is only a couple of months away, which invites a lot of people to “spring clean” their home environment. 

In the midst of a conversation I was having with a co-worker about minimalism,  I was about to complain (something I don’t do as much) about the weight of my purse. With the ability to take control of my environment, my purse tends to be the area I forget I have control of what I carry with me. 

Because I don’t like certain brands of purses (and the outrageous prices), I’ve been using tote bags that I own. This current tote bag is from Barnes & Noble, and I’ve owned it since 2013- about the time I become a Barnes & Noble Member. This bag has a few stains, but that doesn’t stop me from using the space I have. I’ve also washed it a couple of times in cold water to remove stains from bottles opening in my purse/bag. 

Let’s dive into my bag, now since I’ve removed everything that was in there! At the end of the article, I discuss what I removed.

IMG_0340 Starting next week, I will be working two part-time jobs. Currently, I only have my work lanyard for my one job, in my bag. I also carry Hand Sanitizer with me at work, and a little notebook for book and show recommendations customers tell me about. I’m on one page of recommendations for Books, and half a page for TV Shows & Movies. This doesn’t include the lists I have at home on my Google Documents, or even the personal recommendations I’ve had given to me on sticky notes (those are on my fridge, currently).

IMG_0337 This, little bag that goes in my purse (bag within a bag) helps everything not stay at the bottom at the bag. This tiny bag holds my chap stick, lipstick, on the go perfume spray, hair ties, coin purse, and wallet. I also remove receipts out at the end of every day, and document my spending in a budget binder. Future blog about budgeting in the next couple of months (a topic I’ve wanted to write about for a year or so).
Not pictured: phone charger. ALWAYS have your phone charger with you!


IMG_0338These items also fit inside the little bag above. Except my 2018 planner- it fits in the side zipper of the bag. Anyways, I always have headphones with me because I tend to leave my Bluetooth headphones in my gym bag. I also have about 3-4 pair of these Apple headphones, so I never worry about breaking a pair or losing one. At the end of every use, I always wrap them back in the case, so I’m not spending forever untangling them. Because I never know when I might need to make random notes or to-do lists, I have a little green composition journal for all sorts of random fun things I think of during the day. I also am a Patreon for the New Age Insiders, Wrestling & Pop Podcast (go check them out here). Every month, the NAI guys produce a “Be Heard” Q&A episode, where Patreons send questions, as a way to get to know the three gentlemen. I always think of questions on the go, so my little notebook helps me remember which questions I have (and haven’t asked). And yes, always have a pen or pencil in your purse too, I use to lose them like crazy, but with my new organization system, its been better. 


Purse Health I got this freebie carrier, that carries my pads for when my damn period’s started (and if you start when you aren’t at home its the WORST). I hold at least 2-3 pads in the little bag, and I always make sure I’m good to go. It’s usually used for when I have to switch pads mid-day. *Less stress on my end*
There’s even a little hand sanitizer thing for me, when I’m not at work. Finally, because the winter season calls for this more than summer, I have a little lotion (from a previous hotel stay). I always keep the items I get from hotels to use at home, or on future trips.




Speaking of winter, I always keep my mittens and hat set (purple, my favorite color) in my purse or in my car. Right now, the weather has been warmer (50s in Oklahoma) so it’s been staying in my car.

Rule of life: always have a book with you. When I took these photos a few days ago (after going through my purse) I had just bought a co-workers book, Daughters of the Eclipse. My goal is to help support new authors every month, and buy paperback copies of their books. -Not ready for digital reading yet, says the 24 year old “millennial.”-
Every time a author tells me their release day of their book, I write the date in my planner. I won’t start Patience’s book until after I finish the religion book (pictured as well, first edition, A Parenthesis In Eternity, Joel S. Goldsmith 1963) and my romance novel that was given to me, Jude Deveraux’s A Knight In Shining Armor. I’ll also be writing a review of Jude’s & Patience’s book, after I finish them both!


What I Removed From My Purse & Tips For An Organized Bag

-Because I am always on the go, I was use to eating candy bars, protein bars, and chewing on peppermint candy for snacks, and so I wouldn’t go through the drive-thru. But now since my eating habits have changed, I didn’t need the pound of candy in my bag anymore. When I carry a lunch kit around for work, that includes all my snacks, meals, and to-go iced coffee. My little lunch kit can fit in my purse sometimes, especially after I’ve eaten everything.

-I don’t need to carry a hairbrush with me in my purse anymore. Most of the time, my spare brush is in the console of my car, where I tend to re brush through my hair.

Tip: I always remove any trash at the end of everyday, or every week. As someone who has always been organized, it helps to have “less junk” in my purse, and my home environment. Always make sure what you absolutely need is in your purse or tote bag, don’t carry anything that isn’t worth keeping. It sounds simple, but  I didn’t realize how I actually didn’t need the candy in my bag, after a year or so of carrying food with me.

 I’ll also be writing a minimalism blog after May or so, after I’ve managed my new transition to owning less.


I truly hope you enjoyed today’s blog! As always, you can follow me on all available social media platforms. A couple of weeks ago, I created a Facebook Page for my blog, writing news, and other topics I write about. I’ve started to become a lifestyle blogger, on top of writing about author fun things. Go check out my Facebook page, and feel free to like my page! 

Cheers & Positivity, 


3 thoughts on “What’s In My Tote Bag, AKA My “Purse””

  1. Live the bag!!! I tend to take my messenger bag when we go to the mall or my tote bag or just lunch box when I go to work it depends on how long I’m working 🙂 other than that I just have a bulky wallet I use daily!
    Fun post

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