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Hello, from wherever you are reading this! I hope you have had a fantastic month so far, and I wish you well. Always feel free to follow me here on my official website, because I write all sorts of lifestyle articles. And then every once in a while, I write book reviews and literature stories. Just an FYI about this book review: I am not revealing as much of the story plot, just major points, without spoiling the book if you hadn’t read it yet (it was released over 20 years ago, so there’s that).

Let’s start with some interesting facts: first, I did not seek this book, the book seeked me. Someone on Twitter sent me this book, and I had never read any of Jude’s novels. Second, I hardly ever read romance books. Once a year, if that. Both last year and this year, I have read a romance book in January, before the dreaded month, next month, begins. If I want to start a new tradition, I’ll do that.

The person who sent this to me believed it was a story that infused magic, time-travel, and fantasy (with a dash of romance). He most likely didn’t think this was considered a romance novel. While there is time-travel, magic, and other things in the story, this is 100% romance. I talked with a fellow bookseller, and she agreed with me that it IS romance.

Most importantly, if you have any knowledge about soulmates or Twin Flames, than this story works within that idea. I will be doing a future blog about soulmates, Twin Flames, false Twin Flames sometime this year. After reading this article, go read and follow Cassady’s Twin Flame Blog to learn more about Twin Flame’s. For reference, a soulmate is your other half; a twin flame is your mirrored soul. Because at the end of the story, I kept laughing about how this was truly, a Twin Flame story. I was quite happy about that.

Let’s begin!



Alright, so within the first chapter of A Knight in Shining Armor, Dougless, her boyfriend, and his daughter (through a different marriage) were all emerged in England on a vacation trip.  Because this book was written in 1989, the setting is 1988. You realize how much the main character’s boyfriend, is a jerk, dumb ass, asshole, etc. Sorry for the cuss words, but the type of relationship played out in the first few chapters always gets me heated, because I know people always deserve better. Deveraux did a great job at making me feel hatred for Robert (the boyfriend), and the overly spoiled child, Gloria. 

It didn’t take long for Dougless to feel overwhelmed by the trip, her companions actions, etc. The daughter managed to claim that Dougless hit her at the church and in the rush of emotions, the boyfriend (and his daughter) leave her at the church and Gloria takes Dougless’s purse. Leaving Dougless without her identification, and etc. Let the panic ensue, and her crying brought on the magic that lasted through out the story.

Nicholas, a Knight from 1564, in the prologue (read the prologue first, always, because I finished those three pages intrigued and confused), was writing a letter to his mother. Not even twenty pages of the first chapter, Nicholas makes an appearance (out of thin air, seriously) because he was called by a weeping woman. Somehow, Dougless has the power to bring people forward from 1564.

And for the next several chapters, the story transformed into harmonizing both different lifestyles, generations, and more, together.  When the success of what brought the two people together, (which took all the way to chapters 20-21), then God/Universe/Whatever-you-believe separated Nicholas away back to 1564. The last 14 chapters are about Dougless being transported to 1564. Now she gets to live through the past and try to change the future. When she prevails, said force takes her back to her own time. Also note: she does end up breaking up with her Boyfriend, which makes me feel better.   Before they were separated, Nicholas had written My Soul will find yours. I was clapping by the time that Dougless meets a Nicholas (who is quite similar to the one she had fallen in love with), and there the story ends.

Apparently, Deveraux added fifty pages to the story in 2002, without changing the plot. She added explanation for why Dougless wanted to marry Robert (those pages are near the beginning half of the book). I’m glad she added those pages in, which is why writers are always revising their own work. Now, here’s to the things that might’ve annoyed me or at least, got a reaction out of me:

-Character descriptions. I didn’t realize that Dougless had dark hair until chapters into the story. I may have read past it, but who knows. It changed the picture I already had in my mind about the main character.

-A few pages before the end of Chapter 11, the Nicholas form 1564 writes a note for Dougless. Below is the picture of the change in print and words. I was hoping for a translation at least by the end of the chapter, but we didn’t get one until thirty pages later. By that point, my interest in the letter was gone. By the way, the translation from Old English is :

I think my selfe much

bownden unto yow.

I am Deryyrnge you

assystance no further.

What was my favorite line? Easy, and when I was looking something up earlier, I found it again and marked the page with a sticky note.

Your problem, sweetheart, is that you fall in love with men who need you too much. You ought to find a man who doesn’t need you, but just wants you.” 

Would I read this again? No, probably not. Remember, romances aren’t on my shelf. So if its not on your shelf, then you tend to not read that genre.

What will I do with the book now? I’ll be giving it to my Mom to read (this is her genre) and then she’ll pass it on to my cousin in Texas (again, my cousin enjoys romance novels).

Thank you so much for reading my brief book review! If you have read this story before, what were your opinions on the story? Feel free to subscribe to my blog, and all available social media platforms!

Happy reading,

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