Lost Art of Writing by Hand

Hello, from wherever you are reading this blog update from! Write now, I am actually typing this on WordPress. Today’s blog is about all the perks and dilemmas with writing by hand. Around the middle of the article, I write about all the journals I currently have, and what’s in each of them. If you are a new follower, always feel free to share this with your writing friends, as well as on all available social media platforms.

First, let me tell you the downsides of writing by hand

I tend to keep journal, upon journal of all my written work. A few times, I have recycled novels and gotten rid of the junk that I knew wasn’t going to go anywhere. I know, I know, throwing out your old writing is a sin in most writing circles. For me, I have learned that cycling out what no longer serves you makes you feel cleaner, and refreshed, artistically. The only writings I’ve ever tossed out was a superhero script I wrote that took up six volumes in high school. That was seven years ago, and thank goodness my writings improved since then.

The only journals I have kept over the years, are my daily journaling ones. I am currently on volume ten, and those are the only ones I enjoy going back and reading, to see how I have improved mentally and physically over the years. 

You could view this a positive or negative, but the downside to writing by hand is all the paper, pens, and pencils that get used up within a year. For example, just within journaling daily alone, I have used up at least ten of my colored pens. If you know of any Eco-friendly reusable pens, please let me know! I haven’t been able to do much research on that in sometime, so I have forgotten most of the brands that have reusable pens. I’d love to have at least 2-3 reusable pens and ink to keep at home and in my little writing space.

One major negative for writing by hand, is transferring all the writing to Google Documents or to WordPress, for blogs. I always feel like its not the best way to use the time I have, nor does it help reduce paper. I have at least managed to write my blog articles on the computer, and not feel stuck as a artist, like I use to. 

Each journal is for a specific purpose:

Not every journal gets written in daily. I have some specialty topic journals, like spirituality and a dream journal. I’m on the second volume of the dream journal, which allows me to write out every dream I can recall the next morning. And dreams are accurate for me. 

Current journals I am writing in. 🙂

I am currently writing in volume ten of my daily journaling, journal two for spirituality, and as already mentioned, volume two of the dream journal. The journals in this photo, are for novel writing, and then the green one is my attempt at improving my poetry writing.

What about the fun reasons to write by hand?

Remember how I kinda dissed all the journals that I keep? Keeping cool looking designed journals is actually fun. It always makes me happy to go to Barnes & Noble, to buy new journals every so often. The last time I had to buy a journal, was 2014. I’m still stocked up from those journals I bought years ago, and it’ll most likely be another year or two till I will need another journal.

Personally, writing poetry, novels, and short stories by hand is preferred for a first draft. When I do go to typing it up on the computer, I am able to see all the editorial things that need to be done, for it to be a completed project. Speaking of edits, I always tend to misspell countless words, and its always nice to re-learn the correct spelling. I still trip up over simple words like appointment (the ‘n’ before the ‘t’ that gets me), availability (I always add too many ‘I’s’), and more. 

Writing by hand lets me express myself, with the inner critique on mute. Its actually one of the reasons why I journal by hand every morning, to write out what’s stressing me, to-do lists, and more. Its like being aloud to breathe under water for me. Weird analogy, I know, but it allows my creative self to break through the chains of life. 

Writing by hand, allows me to love my handwriting, and to watch it evolve. I still have random notes and things I wrote on cards, books, etc. from when I was a young kid. I always laugh (and cringe) at my childhood hand-writing. If you have any children, or are a teacher, the tried and true method of keep writing helps improve not only the quality of your work, but also the hand-writing.

In 2018 or 2019, I hope to get a typewriter for my writing space. It’ll go well with my vinyl record player, and the professional camera (I hope to buy one in 2018).


What are your favorite reasons to writing by hand? Feel free to comment below, and as always, feel free to join me on my Facebook page


5 thoughts on “Lost Art of Writing by Hand”

  1. I loved this article and I love writing by hand. The upside: I don’t always have access to my laptop, so hand writing my ideas and chapters for books allows me to put my ideas on paper before I forget them. The downside: I tend to write very fast, and sometimes, when I go back to read what I’ve written, I can’t read y own handwriting! 🙂

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