Earth Series v.6

Hey, Thursday! I’ve had equal amounts of coffee and tea this week as I turn-in one paper tomorrow night. Speaking of Friday, I plan on posting my favorite poem and photo from this month. My days have begun to blend together as I press forward to make deadlines and scratch-off to-do lists. We’ve got two weeks left of school before exams. Blogging has helped me take a break from various academic tasks and to stay true to small goals I set each week.
Let’s continue our talk about planet Earth!

Ego vs. Eco

On Monday, I wrote about my dilemmas moving closer to University and work.

This weekend, I took all my living costs and did the math of how much living in Norman compared to OKC: I have four years left for my undergraduate degree, and it would be an extra $6,000 to live in Norman.

Personally, this is the biggest con about my lifestyle that’s not so friendly to the environment. I can reduce in various other areas in my home life and commuter style, but it’ll be a tough sell to sacrifice my mental health to shorten my commutes. I also have to admit that commuting has helped my grades, since I’m able to worry less about socializing and more about academics.

Earth Series v.5

I share this statement again, because the biggest culprit with us humans is the EGO.

This month, I found said picture above and discovered how I sit on this globe. Are you more eco minded or ego?

Personally, I know my faults. Know my restrictions on my mental leapt and energy to move. That’s the ego part of my commuting habits.

To begin to change my mind to “eco mode.” I would need to adjust the largest waste to being more eco friendly: living space.

Yet, when you ask me to sacrifice my mental health to reside in a college town for the fourth time, I scream no. I have lived in OKC from 2013-14; Fall 2015; 2016-present. I have moved more frequently than need be in life and i know I personally need and want to stay living where I am till i am ready to move into a house, post-college.

With that said, that’s the hardest part about speaking up for Earth and knowing that my lifestyle checks that claim. What am I doing to be more Eco-Conscious?
All month, I ‘ve written about small changes. In my apartment, I am beginning my transition to a more clutter-free living space. I’ve begun to add minimalism to a bit of my apartment (books, storage, etc).


  • Use what you have first. Like that pile of journals on your bookshelf or 300 loose leaf papers around the office. Place those objects together and then use the last of that stash.
  • Determine what you’ll need to replace once you’ve worked through your storage container of paper, pens, etc. Find what you can live without and what you can replace with a more eco-friendlier option.
  • Find one area to reduce your waste in. Food, plastic, paper, and the list goes on.
  • Reduce what you aren’t using (cosmetics, clothes, and that pile of stuff).
  • Spread the message to your elected officials to help take steps towards correcting our human behaviors. For example, we should have more energy efficient cars by now.

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Danielle’s writing career started as a musician first. She enjoys blogging about various subjects ranging from lifestyles, mental health, and topics relating to her English-Writing degree.
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