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The broken reminder

Happy Friday! I’m keeping this introduction short but today’s post is for a Friday feature of my favorite poem from this month and a photo from last year. This poem is about anxiety and I just want to provide a warning ahead of time.
I’ll be back next week as we wrap up one monthly series and kickstart another one. Enjoy and I’ll see you all next week!

Taken 01.2018 The broken Reminder

The broken reminder

The necklace
How tight it feels on my chest
What can I do for this
This pain in my chest
Twirling the ring
The necklace breaks free
I stare down to the floor
Unaware of the increasing blood flow 
As I crash to the floor
Tears begin to flow
My hands begin to shake
I do what I know how to do--
Curling upon the floor and clenching my chest

Danielle’s writing career started as a musician first. She enjoys blogging about various subjects ranging from lifestyles, mental health, and topics relating to her English-Writing degree.
Posts are on MWF every week featuring the monthly Taking Inventory Series, photography features, and more!

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