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Earth Mini Series v.4

Happy Thursday… aka delayed Wednesday post! It’s actually a good thing that a specific technology item did it’s thing, but I’ll talk more about that next time. Today’s blurb is a check-up on my 7-day eco challenge from the second earth post from last week. Friday’s post will be a poem and a photography showcase combination post. It’s also Holy Week and my Grandmother’s staying with me before she makes her return trip to Australia in June.

Let’s check-in, shall we?

Environmental Challenge

Seven Days Later

Last week, I asked everyone to evaluate one area in their life where they could make a small adjustment to their living habits; good or not-so-great. For the most part, I’ve taken inventory of what items I throw into the trash can that’s not recyclable. I had a five year old at my after school teaching job tell me she was going to use a tin can as her small trash. I asked her why she was going to do that and her answer was “so I can be mindful about what goes to landfills.” This happened yesterday and I gave her a high-five and then we talked about the three R’s and fun environmentalism things.

Besides being proud of that child’s efforts in being mindful about human waste, I’ve started to double down on what I buy going out-to-eat. Last week, I had to order a book for class next week and to get free shipping, I ordered extra things that had been on my list for over 90 days. I bought two eco friendly items: a set of woven bags for holding on to homemade bread and a eco tools hairbrush for my kitchen. Eco tools is one of my favorite brands you can easily buy at Target and this is the second hairbrush I’ve bought through them. The older one is in my car and the new one stays in my bathroom at home.
Why two hairbrushes? I commute five days a week (10 hours per week) and I go to the gym occasionally. My hair easily tangles and I’m always having to re-brush it. Also, the older hairbrush was already coming a part and it works well for going on trips, gym bags, etc. Did I mention how often I forget to take my hairbrush with me? Best to keep a spare in my car.

Next week, I plan on writing about the downsides of eco friendly lifestyles and one of them is about consumerism. We’ll get to that next week.

Biggest Culprits

These are the areas I need to work on reducing my waste in:
1. Glass coffee bottles.
– I was able to go several weeks without coffee in my house. I’ve wormed my way back into drink lattes and iced coffees. Soon, I’ll buy one small bag of coffee pre-grounded so I can have coffee ready to go on the days I really need coffee. I do need to take a second look at how much coffee I drink, especially with the summer on its way.
2. Out-to-Eat Waste or pre-packaged lunches through grocery stores.
-I was tempted this morning to buy a pre-packaged meal while waiting in line at my local coffee shop. After remembering a simple goal I had, I managed to convince myself that I can live with just buying a $2 chocolate croissant that’s not wrapped in plastic.
-I mainly spent a lot of time evaluating how much water I use in my apartment. I decided on Monday night to make one large serving of pasta with one pot of water rather than multiple pots of water.

These are the areas I need to work on my reusing skills in:
1. Lunch Kits
– I have plastic tuber ware that’s run its course. Lids don’t fit, stained plastic. etc. There’s a bento metal lunch kit I’d like to get soon. This will help me reduce the plastic in my house, while helping me reuse food storage containers.
2. Paper
-Printing and writing on two sides of the paper. My printer doesn’t connect to my google Chromebook well, so I use HP ePrint to print papers and writings that have to be marked up for edits. It only prints on one side which I found annoying. That was until I discovered that writing on the back bare side for more notes helps me edit. I also am not the best at writing on both sides of stationary paper.
Note: I remember as a kid, struggling with my specific personality when it came to paper. My pens would bleed through and then I couldn’t read the back side. A science teacher would ask us to continue to use the backside of the paper, but I struggled with that (leaking pen or not). Somethings take time to adapt to.

These are the areas I need to work on for recycling:
1. Paper
-Yes, I shred paper for security reasons. I can’t recycle that shredded paper but I can reuse it in a garden. It’s a bit wasteful and I have started to create alternate ways I can adjust to a paperless lifestyle once all 100+ of my sticky notes & loose leaf papers are used.
2. Glass
-Well, OKC won’t let you recycle glass. I drink wine mainly, and I have considered moving to boxed wines when I do my monthly wine shopping. The only issue is I have this awesome capsule for wine corks and beer caps, so I might just have to deal while I find unique ways to find a way around the reduction of wine bottles.

Final thoughts:

I still have a ways to go. I’m not perfect and zero waste is a stretch for me since I go to school, write best by hand and other nonsensical things that stand in the way of a better eco-lifestyle.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. What are some unique ways you’ve reduced, reused, and recycled in your household or office? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all Friday!

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