3 Items That Can Wait Till I’m Debt FREE

Happy Friday! This week’s been a productive week for me, even with a few days off from my day job. While this allowed me to accomplish some necessary household chores, I was able to reflect on three items I don’t need to purchase till I am out of debt. Header photo is a free stock photo from Pexel’s website.
As always, feel free to follow me here on WordPress or on Twitter. Both platforms are fantastic for allowing open-ended conversations about life, writing, and money. Before I write about the list, I’d like to review some of my own shopping habits.

Shopping Habits

I used to shop more than necessary, three years ago. It does take a lot to shift how you shop and why; sometimes I still slip and buy foods I shouldn’t be eating (Zebra Cakes, you evil things). For the most part, I’ve been able to shift some habits by putting some of my wants and needs on a wait list.
The longest I’ve gone without buying something on my list, was seven months. Just a few weeks ago, I bought a tiny dorm style couch from Target. If I had bought the couch I originally looked at, then I would’ve shelled out hundreds more than my budget allowed. Yes, sometimes it saves to wait on an item till you find a better deal.

What can wait till I’m debt FREE

Here’s the small list of three purchases that can wait, till I’m debt free.

Alright, I can already hear your disgust with this answer. I am not against tattoos. Tattoos allow self-expression, and a way to remind yourself of who you are. I’ve met countless friends who got a tattoo when they were young and picked a tattoo they later regretted.

One of the best advice I’ve heard from those who have tattoo’s, is to wait till you know what design you want. Try it out for several months, try a temporary tattoo version, etc.
Every time I look through my small section of tattoos I want, my mind continually shifts from my original favorite to a new one. Career is another reason why I’m not sure where or what kind of tattoo I’d like to get. For now, I’ll just wait till I’ve paid off my debt before I add a tattoo. 
Also, I have health issues. I’m currently worried about adding tattoos and how my body would react (blood vessels, blood flow, etc.).

I grew up on a ranch and I always enjoyed the cows, goats, and the occasional llama. While I don’t have a pet currently, my ranch dog is at home (enjoying her ranch dog life). I’ve had at least two cats here in the city; both died when I moved to Texas for 2016.
Since then, I’ve decided it’s not worth worrying about the expenses of owning a pet. While I do feel lonely from time to time, I don’t find it fair to add a pet into the mix, while I’m trying to work out my own personal finances.

There’s also a lot of responsibility for owning a pet that I’m not ready to carry again. I’m usually only home one full day a week. Most days, I’m gone for 12-20 hours at a time. I’ll be returning to university next month. Again, not fair for the pet to be at home all alone while I’m at school an hour away.
Don’t forget about the expenses of adding a pet to your home: pet deposit, rental fee, vet visits, food, etc. I’d rather worry about those when I’m not trying to worry about car payments, small debt payments, etc.

NIffler gif

Now I’ve lived in Oklahoma City for almost two years, I’ve been asked if I want to buy a home. Personally, my credit score is slowly improving so for now, it doesn’t make any sense for me to buy a house. And, if. I did- it would be a tiny, tiny home. All I need is a living room, kitchen/dining room, one bathroom, and a yard to garden in. If there’s a second bedroom, to act as my office, than that would be an added bonus.

There’s also a lot of fee’s tacked on to owning a home that I’m not prepared for: home owners tax, home repairs, mortgage payments (double the amount of my current rent), and more expenses I haven’t even listed.
My apartment right now is 484 square foot, and I’ve been doing just fine with this amount for just myself.
While I do plan on staying in Oklahoma City for at least another 3-5 years, it doesn’t make sense for me to buy a house-until I’m settled in the city or town I want to live in. Also, I’ve always dreamed of spending at least one year of my life living abroad. For now, I’ll keep saving where I can, as well as re-calibrating shopping habits.

To me, these three expenses are expenses that come with more permanent results than what my lifestyle currently calls for. I’ve been spending this year rebuilding how I view finances and where my money goes. I’ve still got room to grow, it just takes daily patience and gratitude to work through habits that no longer serve me.

What are some items that you view are not necessary, until you’ve paid off debt? Let me know in the comments below, and I wish you a prosperous week ahead!



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