Am Writing, Taking Inventory Series


Good morning! Below is a belated blog post about all the life events that went on in my world during the month of March. And let me tell you now- quarantine was definitely just beginning.

Word of the month: Peace.
I had been feeling off the first two weeks of March. The added academic stressors of midterms, mid semester work loads, and coping with my Mother being in the hospital threw my March off balance a little bit. And peace, a feeling that I find difficult to describe, was all I truly wanted in March.

Affirmation of the month: I am making a difference in this world.
I use most of the affirmations from The Wellness Universe or another website (I can’t recall the name right now, but sounds accurate).
This affirmation played a part to the first 15 days of quarantine as well- making a difference by staying home and doing my civic duty to help heal the world.

Habits I’m adjusting: Being more flexible with change. March taught me how to be open to new opportunities. For example, the two jobs I have working as a “teacher” were put on hold in March. That allowed me the opportunity to catch-up on school work, rest, and relaxation. And, to build a system that works for me by the adjusting hours to study and work from home. .i.e. something that I continue to struggle with today.

Eating & Drinking: I bought lots of groceries to last me a month and while I didn’t try any new recipes, I did enjoy homemade bread, pasta, and pretzels. I do enjoy pretzels to snack on before lunch and especially if I mix a few pretzels in with trail mix. Yum!

Watching: Well, it only took two years before I started consuming entertainment via Netflix again. Currently sharing a plan with family members and I watched a lot of the Office, Great British Baking Show, and a couple of episodes of Tiny Home Nation.
I did attempt to start Tiger King. One episode in and I couldn’t get behind the hype. That’s probably because I wanted the show to focus more on the tigers than a reality show about not so great people.
I’ve lived in Oklahoma for six years of my life and I spent a lot of childhood summers visiting Oklahoma as well. I have not ever gone to the GW Zoo and honestly, I don’t plan on it. I would rather go to the OKC or Tulsa Zoo to support healthier animal protection care programs.

Listening: I completed one audiobook in March! The best part was that I got to turn the book in early digitally to my library. One of my favorite YouTubers, Shelbizleee, suggested The Story of Stuff byAnnie Leonard. This book covers the history of the items that are made around the world, the lifetime of those items, and how we can make small decisions to help our planet. I have yet to watch the movie and I might do so during the summertime. I enjoyed how Leonard made everything scientific so easily understandable and provided useful concrete ideas on how to reduce our own personal waste. I did enjoy this as an audiobook and I would love to purchase this as a ebook in the future to truly grasp the content in the book.

Writing: For school, I worked on two creative portfolios. I struggled with writing in March due to the changes in the environment around me. I’m more comfortable writing in cafes, in nature, and in public spaces because I can’t become distracted by the surroundings in my tiny apartment.
I also, in this less than 300 square foot apartment, don’t have a physical desk. The “desk” I attempted to use this month has my TV on it and it’s always distracting and I hardly have much space on the table top to str4etch items out across the wood surface.

Reading: I read two books and attempted a third. I’ll be posting the 03.2020 TBR post in the future and in the meantime, I’d love to read your guesses on what books I read in March. Hint: two are literature classics and one was from my local library.

Waiting for: SPRING BREAK
I went to Texas for four days to go to a relatives baby shower and visit high school friends and family members. The last time I was in my hometown was May 2019, to attend my sister’s high school graduation. The last time I was in Texas, was for 4th of July. I love to travel to Texas once or twice a year to visit friends & family. So to say I’m excited to see family & friends is an understatement.

Feeling: As already mentioned, going into March my stress levels were high. Then quar4etine and social distancing went into affect when I returned from Texas. For the first week, I was anxiously keeping up with the politics and numbers of the whole thing. It was, unfortunately, like watching a continuous car wreck every day. Eventually I started to not mentally enjoy that as much and the news began to drain me by the end of March. March was a roller coaster of a month, learning how to move the three spring semester classes online to Zoom and adjust to online learning. I did, however, enjoy my spring break. 🙂

Enjoying: As stressful as the first 15 days of quarantine were, I began to enjoy the aspect of having the time to catch-up on school. The issue then moved to how to manage energy levels and procrastination, but for the most part I did alright in March. I also had started going out for nature walks twice a week, mostly on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. This were beautiful walks to clear my mind before beginning school at home.

Loving: There’s two things I loved about March:
The first was being in constant contact with my Mom over the phone. Since quarantine, I’ve called her every day and we’ve talked on the phone for at least an hour each day. She too has begun working form home and we both knew that the other person would be at home, like always.
The second part is that besides living with my cat, Jupiter, I love the fact that I live alone. I have no one to bother in quarantine. No one to get upset about over dishes or wood floors that need to be swept. And most importantly, no one to get sick.
I’ve been living solo and in my own little space for close to three years and I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

I appreciate you all for reading today’s belated blog post and I will see you all in the next post!

Danielle Sullivan

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