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Fall 2018 Blog Schedule

Header Photo: NW 16th Oklahoma City area.

Next week, I return to The University of Oklahoma. I feel super anxious, truly. It’s been three years since I’ve been in school, and I started going to university in 2012.
This has been a drawn out process, just to finish my undergraduate degree. I’m not the best test taker, and tend to do better on essays. Which, is a factor into why I switched from Music Education to English-Writing.

Nonetheless, I still want to post blogs during my first semester back. Most days, I schedule posts in advanced so I don’t have to worry about publishing it the day of. This also allows me to read blogs other days of the week, and to focus on other life events.


New Schedule, the Week of the New Moon

Side tangent: The new moon was on August 11th. If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s astrology and astronomy. Yes, they are both intertwined in my little world. The new moon is a fantastic time to begin new projects and to reset your values. Full Moons are when cycles end, and you reevaluate what’s worked and not worked over the past month.

Because this fall will be a light school schedule (compared to past years), I plan on posting two times a week instead of the usual three. The past couple of weeks, I had already started this transition, as I had already written most of the blogs. I wanted to write. Which, might I add, is a wonderful feeling!

Ideal Posting Schedule

On my Instagram, I’ll post photos showcasing my basic photography skills. The goal is to post these photos on Mondays. I was originally posting these photos on my Facebook Page on Mondays.

On my Facebook page, I’ll post poems or short stories on Fridays. Fun Fridays on Facebook, if you will. This will give me a way to practice my writing and just sharing it with the world.

On Wednesday’s, I still will post on my WordPress here. The idea is that Wednesday’s will be the one consistent day of the week for blog posts; most likely posts on literature, or a blog series’s on what I learned in my literature class this week. The second blog post of the week will most likely fall on either Monday’s or Friday’s, depending on what blogs will be best for either day. For example, lifestyle blogs might be best for Friday’s, and Mental Health blogs for Monday’s.

This is all just an idea, before I go into the new academic year. This new schedule leaves Tuesdays and Thursday’s to not worry about my beginning level brand or social media. I’m still nervous about school, but that’s alright. I have friends and family who can lift me up out of the clouds if necessary.

For this Friday, I decided not to have anything ready to be published. Gives me this weekend to focus on relaxing while I prepare to return to school, and also balance a full time work life.

If you are new to my blog, then please feel free to check out any of my previous blogs; ranging from book reviews to environmentalism. The best social media platforms to reach me on are Twitter, Instagram, and my Facebook Page. As always, I wish you the best this week!


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