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End of Week One of University

Ohhh happy weekend!

Photo is of the south side of the Bizzell Library from Thursday evening.

You know how plans and goals go. There’s always and original goal, where posting on a certain day sounds like a done deal. Until sleep, time and other small events add up… and it’s not done until sometime later.

I was going to write a brief yet engaging blog about5 my first return to the University of Oklahoma. It’s been over three years since I was last enrolled and while I started the college process in 2012, I’ve had several roadblocks along the way.

Intro to World Literature

From now until December, I am only taking one class on Tuesday and Thursday late afternoons. With living in Oklahoma City, I’ll be commuting to and from OU on those days. Drive time is about an hour from my job, and I can still find free parking at the Lloyd Noble Center. Free parking was a recent edition to OU a few years ago, and that saves me about $300 each semester.

The class I am taking is introduction to world literature (semester one). This semester covers story telling and the development of language starting with the Egyptians in 10,000 BCE to 1700 (when the first novel was written). We focus most of the literature in the Mesopotamia area of the world, which is exactly why I picked to stud;y world literature for a full year, instead of American or British literature.

I’ve always had a interest in world literature ever since I started to enjoy studying English for the purpose of learning languages and story telling. The class set up is that we will start with the Egyptians and move forward every 300 years with other stories from Greece, Indian, and Chinese myths. Being an English-Writing major, this information is crucial to learn how story telling was created before current decay writing systems were created.

Commuting Lessons from Week One

Each week, I’ll be spending four hours a week (minimum) commuting from Oklahoma City to Norman, Oklahoma. Commuting, will be cheaper than living in Norman. A few years ago, I moved to Norman (from Oklahoma City) thinking I would save money by living near campus. In some aspects, I did. I only ended up driving once or twice a week, sometimes only driving every two weeks. Rent, on the other hand, was $100+ more than where I am at right now.

This does mean that I will have to fill my Smart Car’s gas tank more than once a week, at minimum. I usually spend $60-80 on gasoline each month. The additional mileage would mean my gas budget will go up from $100 -$150. Luckily I will be able to have enough money to pay for gasoline.

Free parking on the south side of the campus, means that you have three options for making it to the main campus:

A. Using the cart bus system. It’s a free bus system that allows you to ride3 the bus to your destination. For example, I’ll ride the LNC Noble Shuffle route to the main bus stop, which is on average a 20-30 minute ride. This is offered to OU students & staff via your University ID.

B. Free bike sharing program. This was a more recent edition since I’ve returned. You can create an account through the provided service account, and check out a bike for free for an hour. You use your individual created pin to unlock the bike lock and then to recommended that you return the bike to a designated area.

C. Walking uphill, which takes 30-40 minutes, depending on your pace. This is my least favorite option. I’d rather bike uphill, because I have experience riding bikes on campus.

What I Look Forward To

One of the bonuses of being a University student, is having access to the fitness center. I ended my Planet Fitness membership at the end of May this year, since I knew that I was going back to school. On Tuesday, I went and biked for 1.5 miles and on Thursday I played racketball by myself for 30 minutes. Compared to my health problems from a few years ago, my running has improved. I plan on playing a sport at least once a week, or once every two weeks. I also plan on working on upper body weight lifting as well. I have two options for when I’ll be going to the gym; before or after class. For right now, I do prefer going before class and then taking a shower. Gives me time after class to review my notes and begin working on homework.

I have a hammock that’s currently sitting in the back of my car. Since I don’t have any Teresa near my apartment, I haven’t been able to use the hammock cover the past few years. This next week, I plan on setting up camp and taking a nap in the late evening/afternoon (after class, of course).

Being someone who is social and also not social (extrovert-introvert), I’m hoping to build new friendships, as well as catching up on friendships I had to started to build in 2014. To be around people who are like minded will help me with some social anxieties I have developed over the year.

What are some of your favorites lessons learned from your time in University? Let me know in the comments below, and I wish you the best this upcoming week!


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