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We are already half-way through September, and I am now making it around to making this delayed Taking Inventory Series Blog post. This mini blog project, is something I started a year ago and let me tell you- I have evolved a lot over the past year. Before posting this blog, I went back and re-read last year’s post, to see where life has taken me. What a drive it’s been!

My posting schedule went out of wack for several weeks. I wanted to take a mini break, especially with the onset of seasonal depression kicking in (and it’s not even officially fall yet). I also, will start posting the links that are shared in this article at the end. Even though they aren’t affiliated links, I enjoy sharing information and fun things with people.

I would also like to remind those who have read some of the taking inventory series posts over the year, that  I originally saw this idea from a wonderful blogger, Keria Lenox last year. She was doing a taking stock monthly series and I adjusted the format to fit my style of writing and thought processes.


Word of the Month: Evolve. “There’s been so much change recently…” I had started this sentence over the phone with my mother this past week. I paused awkwardly, because I had one of those beautiful moments where I felt like I understood a new meaning of live. Evolving. Evolving is different than change. Change feels swift, or sudden to me; as well as an overused word. To evolve, you are adopting to your environment and learning what works for you. 

Making/Eating: One item that was always in my pantry, was hot chocolate mix. Until I used the last of the store bought mix a few months back. While I wasn’t craving hot chocolate as much as I used to over the summer, I did find a homemade hot chocolate recipe on Pinterest. Just this afternoon I tested it out, and found that it wasn’t that bad. I had tried the recipe with almond milk, which explains the odd taste. 

Drinking: If you enjoy the occasional Starbucks, please try a non-caffeinated drink- Caramel Apple Spice. My word, does it remind me of carnivals and fall weather! Speaking of Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice is back, which means you should also try a Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte. 


Fun photography I took last month.

Watching: I wrapped up season one of the Twilight Zone a few weeks ago, along with the final series of the original Star Trek. I was bouncing between re-watching Lost and then starting season two of Empire. Recently though, I have been finding Sabrina the Teenage Witch amusing for those days where you need comedy after a rough day out in the real world. Before I sat down to write this post, I wrapped up season one.

Last night, I also started watching Star Trek: Next Generation. Personally, those episodes require me to just sit and enjoy TV time because of the more intricate storytelling. I’ve also watched more movies recently, especially westerns and some horror films. One children’s movie I saw recently, was Indian in the Cupboard. I recall enjoying the book as a child, but I don’t recall ever finishing the book.

Reading: Since the return to university course load, reading for fun hasn’t been a priority. During the first week of September, I managed to finish the audio book for the last Harry Potter novel. In May, I had been driving to the Harry Potter series on CD, even though it put me behind on listening to some of my favorite podcasts. For the past four weeks, I’ve been stuck trying to read a new release from earlier this year, The President is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton. Who knows, maybe I can finish the book tonight!

Listening: Speaking of audio books, what are some recommendations for audio books? I was thinking about listening to The Hunger Games series next, since its a familiar story (and I never made it past the first book). I’ve been also listening to the wonderful podcast that is A Way with Words, understanding how language works and how we use it.

Smelling: Last year, I used up the last of my fall scented candles. And for now, I’m not going to be buying anymore candles (until I use the one’s I have). I’m also down to the last of my Beautiful Day Bath and Body Works set, which means I can then move to using more environmentally friendly products, like Lush Cosmetics!

Book Marking: The fun part about taking introduction to world literature, is how we are evaluating evolution stories between different countries, religions, languages, etc. So the bookmarked article is from research done last week. The article is about the origins of the biblical creation story, and how it parallels with other cultures. Check the link here to continue reading (from the said article).


New companion, who dis?

Enjoying: On September the 12th, I adopted a black cat. Now it’s interesting, because a month or two ago, I wrote a blog on things I said  I wouldn’t buy until I was out of debt. A pet was one of them (pet’s help with mental health, hence why the new companion). He’s got an attitude problem, but that’s because he doesn’t like being moved when he’s comfortable. My new friend, is not my first cat. I’ve had several, but both of them have died. One cat from last year was an ally cat and I didn’t bring him to my apartment with me when I moved.

Over the weekend, I finally came up with a name for my new cat. I wanted to name the cat in relation to science/astronomy/astrology, and so Jupiter was one of the first names that I considered. After a while, I started to call my cat “Jup-Jup.” No idea where I had heard or seen jup-jup names, but it eventually stuck with the cat. So Jupiter is the name, and Jup-Jup is the nickname. My mother enjoys the nickname jup-jup, especially after finding that Jup-Jup is the name of a cartoon character on a kid’s show. Joy.

Loving: It wasn’t until late last year, that I noticed that my depression and anxiety becomes worse between now and November. The depression goes away into a rain storm instead of a fog in November, thanks to National Novel Writing Month. So for the rest of the month, I’m doubling up my self-care. Future blog on this topic, but I plan on going to a Shakespeare in the Park performance this week, as well as taking a bubble bath.
Sometimes self-care also means going back to your routines. For example, I am working my way back towards doing morning pages. My goal that I started this weekend, was to start writing a gratitude portion at the end of the day.



Feeling: With the mention of SAD, I would like to mention that I am feeling empty. Feelings tend to be like waves and tend to appear when I don’t want that feeling and yet disappear when I want a feeling to return. Last year’s taking inventory series post aptly describes my emotional state during this transitional time: 

 Over the past few years, I’ve noticed how unbelievably in tune I am with the seasons and with nature and how all this affects my attitude. I love fall weather a lot, but its when we begin changing seasons is when I emotionally struggle…

 Right now, I’m feeling waves of positivity mixed in with negative vibes. The fall is the worst season for me, depression and anxiety wise.

– Written in the 09.2017 blog post, with the start of the taking inventory series.

So the basic thing for me to start learning, is how to go through life on semi-autopilot. For instance, removing part of my emotional state away from work and people, and eventually allowing myself to be more present.

As promised, here are the links to some of the websites I shared in this blog:

09.2017 Blog Post

DIY Hot Chocolate

A Way with Words 

Genesis of Genesis

And thus far, this year’s September has been better than 2017’s and loads better than 2016’s. Let’s keep the evolution going.

What are some of your fall recipes and audio books? Let me know in the comments below, and I would love to chat with you. As always, you can follow me here on WordPress for more blog posts and I wish you the best this fall.



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  1. Enjoying the fall and winter is hard for some people, I know two people that use sun lamps during the winter. You are a great writer and express things in a way people can understand.

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