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MLB Sports Crate Review

Happy Friday! Welcome to this week’s lifestyle blog post. This post was originally planned to be done in July (more on why that didn’t work out below). As always, feel free to follow me here on WordPress for future lifestyle & literature blogs. 

Play ball!



The Delayed Story

Memorial Day weekend, I was given a 20% discount from my employer for joining Sports Crate. For a monthly box subscription payment (and boxes sent out during even months) you could receive officially licensed MLB or NBA gear. As someone who has never had a box subscription before, I was skeptical. Mainly, because of not so fun experiences with my apartment complex and mail.

So for my first box, I only paid $23.99. As a new-ish Boston Red Sox fan (circa 2013) I only had one Boston Red Sox merch shirt and had been wanting a few more pieces. June was also my birthday month, so I counted that expense under birthday fun/clothing.

How it works: When you pay for the box, you receive the box the next month. The idea is that on odd months you pay for your subscription, and then you’ll have the box on the even months. Each item is officially licensed MLB products.

Mid-June rolls around and I had no word on the status of my box subscription. It wasn’t until late June, did Sports Crate emailed those on the subscription list. The box wouldn’t be mailed out until mid-JULY because they wanted to send everything in one  box, and still was waiting on the final part.

By that point, I was already upset. Then, they gave me a $25 Sports Crate Vault credit that doesn’t expire until the end of the year. Okay, I can use that and give a Christmas gift to friends/family. Still though- I had to wait for my first box subscription.

When I had joined, I joined on a discount and a one month only subscription. Both of those facts were proven wrong when at the end of June (not long after receiving the discount email), I was charged $29.99 for the next box.

I hadn’t even gotten my first box, and I was charged for the next one. After that, I canceled the subscription until I was for sure ready to start it up again. Luckily, I wasn’t in a financial bind over the $30 charged. And yes, I did claim that towards my clothing portion of the budget for July. The only disappointing factor about the second charge, was that I didn’t get a 20% discount for the second box.


May’s Box

On July 31st, I finally got to open the box. First off, the box itself is pretty rad. I can use it for storage, gift wrapping, etc. Within the box, I had received four items.  A shirt, cinchbag, celebration bowl, and a team flying disk. Each box comes with different items and this box was supposed to be for memorial day celebrations. The shirt is nice to wear and fits nicely.

The only thing I didn’t need was the team flying disk. What did I do with it? Use it as a coffee table piece. For now it’ll be okay where its at.

For the mean time, the draw string bag is a good purse for me. I’ll be returning to school next week, so I may or may not use it for my commutes to and from school.

T-Shirt that was part of the box subscription.

My Dilemma with Box Subscriptions

I’m not someone who enjoys surprise box subscriptions. Personally, I’d rather know what I’m being sent, rather than trying to guess what will work for me and what won’t. If I could’ve been able to select a shirt, a bag or clothing item, and two household gifts, then I would’ve had a different box sent to me. Then again, surprise box subscriptions are supposed to help you step out of your comfort zone.





The Benefits of Snapchat: Fun Filters on Harry Potter’s Birthday.

My Next Subscription

Since I’m feeling more comfortable with this experience, I’m feeling a bit better about future box subscriptions. My apartment’s management has improved over the year, when it comes to picking up your mail during office hours.
While I wasn’t expecting this to be my next “box subscription” I was well informed by an Office Depot sales associate about a ink subscription. In the end, you’ll save $10 on one order of ink, when you go through the ink subscription services. I’ll probably only have it ordered every two to three months.








Do you have a favorite box subscription service? Let me know which brands and products you use! As always, I wish you the best this week. 😀

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