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Life Lessons (birthday edition)

It is Wednesday and that it means it’s my 26th birthday today!

I’m still waking up earlier than I usually do durig the regular spring and fall school schedule. I’m here at Panera Bread waiting on my free birthday pastry while I sip on my mocha and life is grand. The best part about birhtday months, is all the disounts that come with it!
May and July are always my “no shopping months”, since I wait till June to do all my shopping. On Monday, I wrote out a list of 26 advice things I’ve learned over the years and today I am writing a bit more about life lessons I am still learning from.

FYI- till August, my blogs will be written from my iPad, since both my computers are no longer writer-operational. Let me know in the comments any laptop suggestions you may have for a university student/content creator/artist!

Today’s birthday outfit: Cat ears, Hufflepuff Sullivan 19 Jersey and some Eva nyc Keene glitter spray. ❤️


Some years, I have birthday anxiety. 2015 was the worst year, because I was turning 22 and I had some weird fears that I wouldn’t make it past 22. It’s actually because my dad would always make comments that I wouldn’t get married until after I turned 30 and other derogatory comments. I’ve now laughed at the marriage thing since it may turnout that way and I’m okay with it now. I know that my dad’s condescending and negative word choices was not helpful during childhood.

Another thing about birthday anxiety that relates to my dad: He complains something that I’m born on Juneteenth, also known as Independence Day or Freedom Day, commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery throughout Texas and the Confederate states in the south in 1865. It wasn’t until post-high school did I truly get to accept my birthday as it is and also celebrate Juneteenth for what it stands for.


This dawned on me this week and it’s shifted my entire focus on positive energy: the sun is always here. Like always. Unless something happens that we aren’t aware about, the sun will always be here for sunrises and sunsets.
The sun’s positive energy is here, always. Positivity can always be called upon and used. ☀️

Today’s birthday tradition continues: Etsy crafted Sullivan 19 Jersey. ♊️

Haha. I still laugh at how my dad’s presence drilled into my subconscious brain some fears and feelings towards men. No seriously, it’s me who has to work through how I treat men. For example, stringing someone along gets you no where.

On that same vein, you can’t force someone to do something with you. If they cancel on you, let that hurt go and move on. I have a no cancelation policy now and if someone cancels on me after 2-3 times I start to not invite them places. What’s even worse is when they set the shopping event and then they cancel.

AKA guard your heart.

I am who I say I am.

It’s a wonderful scripture but this has worked for me in my own personal life. I have multiple things I enjoy and a whole list of things I love to do, to invest in. I understand not everyone’s into astrology but I love talking about it and learning more about it; not to be confused with astronomy, which I also love. It’s okay if some people aren’t okay with who you are.

You have to embrace you. You have to embrace how your energy flows.

Happier smiles, positive vibes, & beautiful gratitude— these little things will help us all heal and be present in life.

Wishing you all a wonderful kick start to summer! Check out my various social media sites, as well as the blog here at Sullivan’s Writings.

Danielle Sullivan

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