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E.L.F. Camo Concealer VoxBox (PRODUCT REVIEW)

I hope you have all enjoyed your Father’s Day weekend! My family did our celebrations at our family reunion last weekend, which gave me this weekend to chill out at home for two days and accomplish over 50 items on my to-do list. One of the last things to-do before preparing to go to bed is to post this review for the complimentary E.L.F. Concealer I received via Influenster’s VoxBox Camo Campaign!

Camo Concealer VoxBox

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

e.l.f. concealer

For the most part, I have sometimes struggled with the basic need of having a concealer. I usually have relied on my favorite color stick but recently haven’t gotten around to buying a new one. The shades I received were medium beige and tan sand/medium sand. The one for this testing purposes was the peach color and since my checks are naturally reddish-pink, I tried this out with minimal hopes.

I am still new to the process of full coverage make up. I’ve had friends make fun of me because I went from not wearing make-up to wearing it M-F. I work with kids and a lot of the time, they can notice which colors I picked out for my face and eyes. My personal favorite is when I blend my eyeshadows and a kindergarten girl declares that “I should do her Mom’s make-up” and its the funniest compliment I’ve ever gotten.

This is what I mean when I show that my checks have a natural redness to it. It’s usually my far side of the checks that use the concealer more compared to other beautiful features on my face.

There’s also two more reasons why this brand has my heart:
– I have slowly worked through my make-up and am striving for vegan, environmentally conscious brands. My sister told me about elf years ago but I hadn’t given it a shot before. It’s actually because of the stigma behind drugstore brands and their pricing. I was taught at a young age that the price dictates the quality of the product. That is definitely not the case.
-I’ve paid up to $25 for an okay concealer years ago. And before Influenster sent me this concealer, I had recently bought Sephora’s concealer on sale.
e.l.f’s concealer is more efficient and is only FIVE WHOLE AMERICAN DOLLARS. That’s a win for me! I won’t have to worry about purchasing any more concealer for a while since I have three tubes to work through now. I will also come out and say that elf’s concealer is easier to apply and more effective than Sephora’s concealer.

As you can see, the lightly coated coverage of the concealer did wonders for my checks and side checks. You can’t see it but the side near my ears was a perfect shade to help blend in colors.
And yes, that’s my essential oil diffuser in the bathroom. I love the smell of lavender in my bathroom. It energetically flows with the themes of purple and space throughout my apartment.

The concealer’s a matte based that has a nice wand that you can coat lightly over your skin. I always recommend having a face primer on or a color stick (or both) to reduce the amount of makeup you’ll need to buffer on your skin. Below are the progress photos comparing the before affect and the post-concealer application.
The wand’s honestly my favorite part about this concealer, I’m not going to lie.

Full face completed look ☀️
Today’s outfit, thanks to second hand thrift stores! 👛

And finally the pictures below are from the finished look and the outfit that was picked for my June 1st errands run on a Saturday. It even rained that afternoon and my makeup still didn’t smear!

Influenster’s Camo Concealer VoxBox arrived during Memorial Day weekend and I was on a staycation in Texas. I waited to use it till June 1st and the VoxBox was a fantastic birthday gift for my birthday month. The Disney necklace is combined with my Gemini charms and for all those who are new to my blog here at Sullivan’s Writings, I have fully embraced being a Gemini. It’s just part of who I am. ♊️😁☀️

Thanks for reading today’s blog review. You can always follow me on Influenster, Instagram, and Twitter: @DanielleSully19

Tomorrow, I have a special blog post for a special day! Have a fantastic day ☀️❤️

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