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01.2020 Cosmetics

Today’s post is a combination post from the past few months of missed blogs on this subject. Once a month, I blog about my life in the Taking Inventory Series, as well as a monthly TBR book post. Thirdly, there’s a monthly cosmetics blog review which is today’s subject. The products in this blog are one’s that have been used up and ready to be documented since October 2019!
The last cosmetics review was from September and I’m glad I took a small break because I hadn’t had many products to write about in the fall since I was still in the process of relocating, school, and needing to relax and take breaks from writing. Let’s dive into these reviews and if you’d like to read more posts you can always follow me here on WordPress!

Nature Beauty Body Wash

First, let’s begin with body care products. In 2019, I recieved a complimentary body wash to review thanks to my partnership with Influenster. Nature Box Body Wash is a vegan environmentally friendly body wash (and company) that has a recycle option for the plastic bottle. It took me almost half the year to use the cocunut cold-pressed infused gel body wash and it was worth reviewing and keeping! I’ve had several body washes over the years and this one’s my favorite. I’ve seen in it stores and showed it to a friend a couple of months ago. When my Mother visited me during the hoiidays, she ended up using my body wash. “Where did you get this? Can I have it?” were her first things she said when she left the shower.
If you want to read about my thoughts of the body wash, check out this VoxBox review from last year!

Freeman’s Avocado Clay Mask

Every weekend, usually Saturday or Sunday nights, I like to end my weekends and begin my weeks with a fresh face. Over the past year a staple of my self-care and beauty routines has included doing facemasks before bed. The joyus part about facemasks is that I can still do other things around the house, like putting the next day’s outfit together, while the facemask peels off the dead skin and works its magic. The facemask I got was a trade with my Mom and it took me over a year to use the entire bottle up! The Freeman’s Avocado Clay Mask was a joyus experience every week. Sometimes, I would miss a week and I could feel the difference without it. You can find this in various stores and if you love avocados, you’ll enjoy this clay mask!
Another reason I enjoyed this face mask, compared to other’s was on the basis of usage. With one bottle, the clay mask can be used for several uses and is less impactful than purchasing multiple single use peel-face masks.
Fun fact: avocado in Spanish is aguacate.

Photo taken from my new Cannon camera and let me tell you– the difference in the quality of the photos is amazing!

Facial Essential Mask

For a small two week portion of January, I was terribly sick with the flu. This Vitamin C enriched sheet mask came in handy during the first weekend I had to use my own tools (and loads of medicine) to recover from being sick.
The biggest downside to this mask was that it did not stick too well to my skin. It kept peeling off while I had the mask on. This was my first time I had ever used a peel mask and I couldn’t tell the lasting affects of the mask.
All the mask did for me was to reconfirm my preference on face masks that you apply to your skin over peel off masks.
Also, peel off masks are not as environmentally friendly as masks you can rub on your face. Because the peeling mask isn’t recyclable, the item goes into the trash.

That’s my next goal: Finding a more environmentally friendly facemasks. If you have any recommendations, comment in the discussion area!

e.l.f. cosmetics 16HR Camo Concealer

Back in May, I recieved a VoxBox to test out elf’s new concealer and I recieved two and I finally used the last of my concealer. I have yet to buy a replacement concealer but there’s a high chance that I will buy e.l.f.’s vegan camo comcealer. The best review from this product comes in the blog review from over the summer in the link below!

Philosophy: Purity

A sample size of philosophy was enough to win me over during the winter. In 2020, I began to wash my face every morning and only a few days thus far have I forgotten to wash my face. My skin care routine never really bothered me until I ralized I had lots of products I wasn’t using and I knew that washing my face would help me have a clean start to my days.
The purity philosophy cleanser helps clear pores, dryness, and uneven textures in the skin. There was a definite difference in the pores and drynes improvement upon washing my face a little every day. I have a Mary Kay facial cleanser spin brush that helps circulate the cleanser into the skin before rinsing it off. I had never heard of philosophy until this sample size came in with a Best of Beauty Box I bought from Influenster in February 2019.
And yes, I’m still working through all the samples they gave me in that box.

Autum Leaves & Chai Tea Pallets

Mary Kay Eyeshadow pallet

A lot of the make-up from Mary Kay I’ve had for years came from family members who sold MK products. These two palets have been my favorite color pallets to date! I had used up the autumn leaves pallet about a year ago (the one on the top left) and finally used the last of the Chai Tea Latte colors (aka the “natural/nude” colors I enjoy). I don’t plan on buying any MK products because they are not environmentally friendly and because of how much it costs to purchase from them.

Thank you for checking out some of my favorite winter cosmetics from this past winter season! I’d love to read feedback from you in the comments or on social media.

Have a beautiful day,
Danielle Sullivan

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