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Galentines VoxBox with Influenster (PRODUCT REVIEW)

Is it truly Friday? Monday was a no school day to observe Presidents Day and Tuesday we had a snow day. I’m glad its Friday nonetheless because it give me time to accomplish tasks around my apartment and to start working on two papers I have due in three weeks.

On Fridays, I usually post photos from my library but I’m changing it up today to post product reviews from items I received via Influenster.
Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own and do not reflect the program or the 
companies represented.
The last time I received a “VoxBox” was in December and you can check out the blog review by clicking the button below.
In my second VoxBox, I received five products to review and now have used all of them for a week thus far to ensure a honest review. Let’s begin!

Galentines VoxBox

When I received my Galentines VoxBox on Friday, February 15th I also got to pick-up my sample box of snack crate. I have yet to try the snacks but my goal is to post a review next week. Here’s a list of items below that I received to test and review:

Eva NYC Kween Glitter Spray $12
Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask $15

Pretty Vulgar Faux Reals Extreme Volume Mascara $23.00
Nature Box Shower Gel with 100% Cold Pressed Oil $7.99
Nature’s Bounty Beauty Gels $19.99

Eva NYC Kween Glitter Spray,
Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

Pretty Vulgar Faux Reals Extreme Volume Mascara
Nature Box Shower Gel with 100% Cold Pressed Oil
Nature’s Bounty Beauty Gels


My hair like to operate on its own control and tends to frizz easily. I was very interested in seeing how the Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask would work. Its a conditioner you can use weekly or just as a standard conditioner. I tried it this past weekend and was shocked at the results- I was just expecting a nice lift in my hair since I’ve almost ran out of the beauty & planet conditioner I bought . I don’t use conditioner or shampoo all that much to be honest. I lathered my hair as the directions said to (apply to hair and let it sit before washing out in the water) and could feel a difference in my hairs weight and texture. I didn’t consider taking a before photo, but that night my hair began to curl and produce waves. That to me has always been a sign of a good hair product.

Now, because I have started to observe what I use for hair and beauty products, some eco-friendly and cruelty-free products don’t provide the same waves or results like regular products. The beautiful part about Eva NYC is that they are a vegan & cruelty-free beauty company!

Look at those waves!

I feel positive about my experience with the hair session mask and will use it once a week on the weekends. The Kween Glitter Spray is a not so fun review. It’s been years since I’ve used a hairspray and I’ve never used hair glitter spray. The first problem was getting the bottle to spray. I gave credit to the fact that it might’ve been messed up because it was traveling in a box and could’ve juggled around. It took me at least five minutes to get a light spray. I first tried it on my hands and could hardly see this clear glitter. As a caution, use this product with a towel wrapped around the neck and 
sleeves rolled up. There’s a warning on the can about the glitter getting on the clothes. That’s why I took a towel and wrapped it around the neck to prevent glitter getting on my work clothes. I applied the glitter to my hair and couldn’t tell a difference. All it did was weigh down my hair and make it sticky.

My hair is brown/blonde mix and this glitter would work best on a lighter hair color. It’s also a glitter that operates better in the sunlight so you can see the shine. As an after-school teacher, I tested the hair product on a school day and not one kid from my Kindergarten group could see the glitter. They really love glitter and I was a bit sad when no one was able to see it.

Overall review of Eva-NYC: 10/10 conditioner and 3/10 for the hairspray.

Pretty Vulgar

In December, I got to review a fantastic mascara (Rimmel Wonder Swipe). I was happy to review a second one and thought the name of the brand was awesome. This tiny little product was a bit of a disappointment. I took two photos to show: first is how small this $23 mascara is and the second is what the brush looks like. For sure not my style of mascara brush. Even after a light coat of mascara, this just didn’t work for me. Why, you ask?

Look at the mascara wand. Not my style of wand preference, that’s for sure.

It dried out after three hours and then didn’t add “volume.” If it did add volume, it was a light coating and didn’t impress me like Rimmel’s or the mascara I’m still using that I bought- Lush Cosmetics mascara. I will for sure use this product up and I can find a use for it on those days where I want to wear mascara just not a heavy amount.

Overall: 2.5/10. One point for the name, one for the design on the product and a half-point because I’ll get to use it for those lighter days.

Nature’s Bounty & Nature Box

Products I have for bath time: Bath & Body Works Beautiful Day, Beauty & Planet, and the two new products from the Galentines VoxBox (Eva NYC Nature Box)

The cold pressed oil nature box body was gets a solid 10/10 for me. I’ve used it a couple of times and the coconut oil helps the skin. Here’s a bit of information from the back of the product bottle:
Enjoy the luxury of a body wash with 100% cold pressed coconut oil and the antioxidant, Vitamin E. Your skin will feel hydrated and smooth.”

And this body wash did just that. Normally I am not too much of a fan of coconut. Over the years, I’ve learned that I prefer coconut smells than tastes. I’d also recommend to use little amounts of this body wash. It for sure goes a long way!
Did I also mention that this body wash is vegan? 🙂

Finally, I want to mention the Nature’s Beauty Beauty Gels. The one’s sent to me were for clear complexion to help with non-crystic acne with Zinc, plus Manganese. You take two of these gels (no chewing!) a day and for the past week, I’ve watched my face clear up and a couple of pimples and acne go away. I’ll take a break from it for the first week of March and see how my body and skin react. Its easy to consume and doesn’t have the worst taste in the mouth. I’d check this one out for sure, giving it a 6/10 rating. Do I need this product? Not truly but I’ll use it up and then consider if I want it or not.

Whew, this was a lengthy review! Next week, I plan on wrapping up “Love Mini Series” and then continuing to post on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. I’d like to thank you for stopping by today and I wish you all the best!

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