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Love Mini Series v.5

We are now on the last week of February. How much has it snowed where you are? This winter season’s only brought us three snow days which is below our usual average here in Oklahoma. Today and Wednesday’s posts will wrap-up this month’s “love mini series.” If you are returning or a new reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed the past four blogs on this topic. You can checkout any of those blogs by clicking on the buttons featured throughout this post.
Let’s begin with looking at romance novels

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Romance Novels

This is the one genre of books I read the least. As someone who used to be very uncomfortable with PDA and even sex. This genres slowly beginning to be a genre I read once a year and usually in January. All of those books I’ve written reviews on here on this blog, so feel free to check them out when you can. In 2017 I read Danielle Steel’s Five Days in Paris. For 2018, I read
A Knight in Shinning Armour by  Jude Deveraux and this year I listened to Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Here me out on this one: Outlander doesn’t have a bit more than romance to it but to me it felt like a history-romance novel. I would like to listen to the rest of the books, but its not on my top priority.

If you are a romance novel writer or avid reader, I personally feel that those of you in this category tend to get a bad representation in society. Once I was at my local bookstore and I heard a customer ask their bookseller “so you enjoy books like 50 Shades of Grey?” That made me cringe inside. While I have yet to read that series, it’s not on my to read list (or movies to watch). I already know the outline of the story and its one I’m not a fan of.

I tend to write fantasy, scify pieces myself that has a subplot of love. Or even that romance is the third or fourth subplot that just happens. Romance honestly needs to feel natural in a story and not rushed.I haven’t been writing my own novel projects lately since I’ve got two papers due next week. This break from my my own work has given me insight on things that need to be worked on when I do get to start novel writing again.

One of the reasons romance novels aren’t my things is because I am still unfamiliar in a lot of areas in that subject. Again, I am comfortable and okay with that; no rush at all. The “story” of romance novels are tricky to please everyone. You could say that with any genre but I personally feel romance novelists have a tougher time. Possibly its the “failing in love” is the main plot but is getting trapped on an island the subplot? Or some adventure tale? Either way, I’m a hard sell on romance novels.

Favorite Romantic Songs

Okay, so I knew my statement on romance novels and last night I wanted to add another part to this post. A song played and I enjoyed the hint given by the Universe. “Why not write about your favorite romantic songs?”  Playing through my music mix, I found that most of my favorite romance songs are from my top three favorite artists: Garth Brooks, Michael Bublé, and Michael Jackson. I’ve also mixed in songs from other artists and isn’t in any order. Notice that a mix of my favorite romance songs are from jazz artists. These songs can be streamed on YouTube (except Garth Brooks because he’s partnered with Amazon Music):

Louis Armstrong original and Michael Bublé’s newest single: “La vie en rose”
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong: “Check to Check”
Ella Fitzgerald: “These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)”
Frank Sinatra: “It Had to Be You” “L.O.V.E”
Twenty One Pilots: “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Honorable mention to the original by Elvis Presley)
Beyoncé: “Crazy in Love”*
* This is my alarm clock that usually is my “get your butt up” song.

Where or When by Michael Bublé. This one’s been sung before by Frank Sinatra and other artist. I have this album on vinyl so I’m quite partial to this recording.

Garth Brooks: “Shameless” -“To Make You Feel My Love”
Keb Mo: “Am I Wrong”
Leslie Odom Jr.: “Love Look Away”
Michael Jackson: “It’s the Falling in Love”- “Girlfriend”- “You Rock My World” – “The Way You Make Me Feel” **
** Favorite pop artist for romantic songs, if you ask me. I could’ve kept listing other songs but kept the list short.

Stardust by Nat King Cole. I also enjoy Michael Bublé’s version with Naturally 7 harmonizing in the background.

To tie in the two subjects of romance novels and songs together, I’d argue that it helps to be in the mind frame of romance and love (or lust) to write romantic moods and settings. I am best at writing short stories or poems about love since its just a short attention span in that emotion for me. Thanks for reading this lengthy post and I hope you check back on Wednesday as I wrap-up this mini series about love!

For my romance novel writers and readers, what are some concerns you have for the future of romance novels? Let me know via social media or in the comment section below.
You can always follow me here to get updates when I post. This Friday, I’ll be posting a box subscription review. I wish you all the best with love and light! ❤

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