Love Mini Series v.6

On this last installment of this month’s love mini series I wanted to wrap-up some themes I’ve discussed over the past five posts. I aptly named this one “wild horses” after listening to said song on the radio.
Let’s begin!


On the first series post, I wrote about being single and a bit of my dating history that adds up to six months total. Second post was another deep dive into lessons learned. Third and fourth posts looked at communication and being single. The post just recently made on Monday looked at my favorite romance songs and romance novels.
All-in-all, I still have work to do for myself and others. I’ve been consistently single for a majority of my life. It dawned on me this past weekend that I prefer living alone like I currently am. I’ve considered getting a roommate to share expenses with but the last few times I’ve roomed with a friend, I’ve managed to burn that friendship to the ground. Since I am still making friends here in Oklahoma, I don’t want to lose any more true and loyal friends when it comes to being roommates.

I personally believe in soul reincarnation. I also realize that in my past life(s) that I have already lived through one cycle of being married and with children. Or maybe in the next lifetime I will do just that after doing should work in this lifetime. I got to spend time with a friend this past weekend and a question she asked was about dating.
“What’s your type?” and while we discussed doing topics I began to reflect yesterday morning about what I am attracted to. Wont dive into the physical qualities but I will tell you about personality and my lifestyle.

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My lifestyle is not like the rest of societies. I live in a 480 square foot apartment on the third floor near the edge of the city. I live next to open country fields (which is what brought me to this area a year-ish-ago). Next, I ridiculously commute an hour to and from Norman to attend the University of Oklahoma part-time and to work five days a week. My weekends are spent at home and occasionally I go to church on Sundays (or just watching LifeChurch at the comfort of my home because I want to take a two day break from going places).

Living away from a small college town -after growing up in one- helps me feel at ease. I’ve considered moving but I like where I am and so does my cat. Rent is cheaper here than there and I’ve been saving money on gas with my Smart car. I’ve adopted a morning routine that starts at 5 am over the past year. I’ve seen that take shape which means I’m usually in bed by 8-9 pm. Some days I can manage life through fields of grey and clouds. Depression and anxiety are things that are in my inner life but you can’t tell upon first meeting me. Hence the early morning schedule helps me fight through the winter and nighttime darkness.

I’ve also reduced certain foods out of my kitchen. No red meat, chicken, or fish. I’ll eat fish or chicken at least every three to four weeks and I have begun to move away from chicken first. I also have no coffee in my apartment and for a year, I lived without Netflix. That is until la friend gave me one t share since she wanted to. Yeah for binge watching Marvels Agents of SHIELD.

Some days I’m great at living an environmentally conscious lifestyle and sometimes I have to buy something for single use or a plastic grocery product. I’ve also begun storing bulk items in glass jars to reuse them since OKC doesn’t recycle glass anymore. BOO!

What I Look For

Here are some lifestyle elements I look for in friends and potential partner:

– Respect my privacy and closed door intimacy preferences
– Respect (or at least understand) my love for writing, sports, music, outdoors and gardening).
– I hardly go out-to-eat or party as much as I used to. The past two weeks I’ve gone out more than usual but that’s been a way to cope with stress; while its not a healthy way to cope with stress I am working on ways to improve that. I’d like to stress financial understanding and paying your bills months in advance. Maybe that’s why I prefer living alone- control over my environment! Well that just clicked mentally. My previous counsellors would be so proud.
– I don’t smoke. Period. End of story. I can be around it but I can get a bit cranky about it.

A lot of these previous bullet points are from lessons learned from previous friends, lifestyles, etc. That’s the beauty about living – wisdom through time!

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