Spring’s Almost Here

Today, I am grateful for two things:
1. February is over and we are slowly itching closer to outdoor gardening season and spring.
2. Friday.
Below is a photo I wanted to share since we’ve had a random dose of winter weather this week that I took in 2014. I write a bit about this flower and gardening!

Itching for slightly warmer weather!

This is a moon flower. It’s a bit poisonous but the flower bulbs bloom at night and early mornings. I miss this plant that was at my Grandmother’s house. This plants also had a history of medical use which is why we had to be careful about clipping the plant, because seeds would spread and germinate.

I’ve been at this apartment for over a year and so most of my gardening is in pots and containers. My cat’s killed all but four plants, not including the two poinsettias I have in the closet. Fun fact: you can keep poinsettias year round and keep them in a dark closet or basement to help them bloom again in the winter!

Yesterday was another cold winter day and my mental health wasn’t the best yesterday. I spent two-three hours planning for gardening season this year and cleaned out the 15 empty pots and containers I have. Throughout this month, I plan on preparing to plant items for when the winter frost lets up in April.

Thanks for looking at today’s photo! Originally, I was going to post a review but something exciting might be happening with that post. *Internally screams delight*
Wishing you the best this month! ❤


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