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Hope you are doing well in your neck of the woods. It snowed yesterday and I got to stay home and enjoy watching the snow and ice melt. I’m still getting used to having snow in March after spending a majority of my life in Texas. I’ve also lost the last pair of gloves- a trend that happens every winter. I plan on buying new gloves when the one’s from this year goes on sale. If I know me, I’ll forget about buying those gloves until the next winter season.
At the beginning of every month, I write out an inventory list of things going on in my world. There’s links throughout this post that showcases things I share for free.

I have been partnering with Influenster, a program where they send you products to review. Or in this photo, you buy a beauty box and hope to review each product. This will be blogged about sometime this spring!
Jupiter enjoys to sit on my desk and distract me whenever possible.

Word of the Month: Presence. Learning how to be present with little things going on in my world. Academic, career, friends, etc. Presence of the space around you also plays with learning how to work daily on small to large goals. Being in the present moment instead of worrying about the near or far future can help set positive intentions. Watched a YouTube video yesterday morning while making waffles that helped me conceptualize presence of mind. Link for the video will be linked under the bookmarking tab.

Eating & Drinking: I’ve been using up the tea bags I have in my apartment to transition to loose tea leaves I want to buy from my local tea shop. Still no coffee in my apartment since the end of January (but I did buy an iced coffee in February that didn’t taste like it was supposed to) and I’ve been working through the bulk foods in my pantry.
Last month, I spent a lot of money going out to eat. In January I did well and spent under $20 from going to cafe shops. I usually keep a budget of $50-60 for out-to-eat as a separate budget than grocery shopping. In February I spent $80. For March, my goal is to not go out-to-eat at all this month. I’ve done this before, so this just means better planning on my part and not caving into small purchases.

Watching: Been continuing to binge watch Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am now near the tail end of Phase three films. I plan on watching the last eight films during Spring Break. I’d like to remind everyone that your local library is a great resource for checking out DVDs, streaming documentaries online via Kanopy and more!
Speaking of Marvel, I am now to season two of re-watching Agents of SHIELD. Friend’s gifted me a Netflix account to share and this is how I am watching this show and some Marvel content. I still have access to my free Hulu account and I plan on using it when possible.

Listening: Between my usual mix of podcasts, and listening to audio books on CDs, my commutes to and from work and school. This month, I’ll be listening to Name of the Wind  by Patrick Rothfuss. This will take me all month to listen to since there’s more than thirty disks for this unabridged audio book CDs checked out from my local library.
Smelling: Down to two large candles and a couple of small ones. As spring itches closer, it’ll be time to deep clean my 500 square foot apartment and start gardening for this season. Mixed smells of candles, flowers, dirt, and more!

30 mintue video you should save to watch and listen to later!

Reading & Book Marking: Check out the linked YouTube video above about being present. Just wrapped up reading Heart of Darkness and Season of Migrating to the North for my world literature class. We will also be reading Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea after spring break.
For other books I’m reading, I plan on starting to write monthly TBR (to be read) mini blogs that will go well for me to post after writing my monthly insight blogs. Check back here on Wednesday to see what some books are on my TBR list are!

Writing: This week, I have a six page world literature essay to complete and a three page American government essay. I also will be writing another mini series for March. In February, I wrote six parts about love and for March I will be writing about spirituality.
Lent season kicks off on March 8th shortly after Mercury Retrograde begins. If you have any topics you would like me to address about spirituality, comment below any ideas! Wednesday will have the kick start for the series, along with the TBR post as well.

Waiting for: SPRING BREAK.

This month, I plan on reviewing Adore Me, a lingerie subscription box. I also will have two or three other subscription reviews in the works as well for March or April.

Loving & Enjoying: Winter is ending which means I have survived another winter season. Winter seasons usually aren’t my best time of the year aseptically with autumn before it. I am excited for the opportunities this gardening season. I’ve been a gardener since spring of 2014 but didn’t start taking it seriously until last year for sure. I also have an Aero Garden that was gifted to me last year and I am receiving new pods this month to replenish the ones I’ve used.
In the past, I’ve worked more with herbs and I plan on staying away from herbs since I still have plenty stored in my pantry. I plan on sharing garden updates on my Twitter and Instagram account, so feel free to follow me.

Feeling: The reason I have presence as the word for the month is that that’s one area I need to work on. Last month, I forgot about being present and mindful after going through a series of car expenses three times in one week! That threw me for a loop and I’m not re-configuring my finances to replenish the money that was in savings. I am also feeling less stressed than I was at the beginning of the past two months since I’ve begun to learn new ways to tackle stress. Being able to focus a little bit each day on spirituality and meditation practice helps bring me back to a basic understanding of who I am.

Thanks for checking in and reading this month’s taking inventory series. Want to read more content by me? Follow me here via WordPress to receive alerts each time I post. Don’t forget that on Wednesday, March 6th I will be making two blog posts that I hope you will enjoy.
I am wishing you a wonderful start to spring this month! ❤

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