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TBR 03.2019

Hello and welcome to this month’s bonus blog post! On Monday, I wrote the monthly taking inventory series, which is a monthly inside look at things going on in my world. This month, I wanted to start a TBR mini post for the beginning of each month! This will help keep this post separate from the already lengthy monthly series.
This month I will get to spend a bit more time reading since I’ll have Spring Break to account for.

Potterhead Book Club

Audiobook for March

I started a Facebook group three years ago to pair with the Harry Potter Running Club (now known as Potterhead Running Club). From 2016-2018 this reading group was dedicated to reading Harry Potter throughout the summer. This year, we changed it to include reading new books each month. In January, I listened to Outlander book one and for February I listened to A Discovery of Witches for my commutes.
This month’s audiobook, voted by the members of the group, is Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I have been recommended this book series several times and just started this CD on the 1st. I’m still on the first CD and its on track thirty already. I was warned that Patrick’s writing is a bit drawn out and is better to be heard, which is why I’m using it for my audio book this month.
Click the button below to join the PHRC Reading Club! We post polls for books and the group is fantastic to discuss books.

World Literature

Looking forward to reading Jane Eyre over spring break.

For my world literature class (1700 to present) we have already read four books between January and February. We started with The Tempest by William Shakespeare and A Tempest by Aimé Césaire The next two sets we read included Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and Season of Migrating to the North by Tayeb Salih. This month, we will be reading Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë and Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. Most of my spring break will be reading as far ahead as I can. The books I’m getting to read for this class I have never read (except for the first twenty pages of Kim a book we’ll read in April) so I have been entertained with this selection of books.

Spring Break

(Un)qualified and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, both half read.

The next two books on my list are one’s that I have already started but just need to finish. The first one is one a friend loaned to me which goes well with my spirituality goals for this lent season. (Un)qualified by Steven Furtick was on my TBR list for the winter break but I completed a set pile of books on that list that I wanted to return first. Currently fifty pages in and been reading a mini section each day. Total page count is 208.
A book that I have found difficult to complete is another world literature classic: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle’s style of writing makes it a slower read for me as I am on chapter 5 “The Five Orange Pips.” I bought this book at Half-Priced Books a few years ago, including a second book of Sherlock Holmes with a similar cover. The first four stories I’ve read through include A Scandal in Bohemia, The Re-headed League, A Case of Identity, and The Boscombe Valley Mystery.

When I complete the two half-started books and reading ahead for my world literature class, I might get the chance to read more books to also review. For those bonus books, I’ll pick one that I feel like reading in that moment- whichever one the reading gods want me to learn a lesson from or to just enjoy for the sake of storytelling.

Thanks for taking a look at the books I’d like to read this month. I post content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This keeps me writing every week, on top of writing I do for school and novel writing.
If you haven’t already, check back here later today for the volume one post in the spirituality series. Wishing you all the best!

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