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300: Milestone

Happy Monday!

Today, we celebrate the milestone of 300 posts on this blog. Blogging started out as a journaling experiment to have my thoughts shared with the world and over the course of six years, the blog has morphed into a mix of certain styles of content ranging from 3 monthly check-in series (lifestyle, cosmetics, & books), photography, creativity, and mental health.

I wouldn’t have ever known the experience of my life and the thoughts I have on various subjects if I hadn’t started somewhere and to take the baby steps to becoming comfortable for the world to see who am I, through my own form of art and the presentaiton that comes with it.

So today, I am grateful taht you’ve stopped by even if you’ve been with me thus far or are a new friend. Hello!

Below is a photograph that I’m grateful to share in celebration of this being the 300th post and for the future of creating content I enjoy.

Thanks for checking in today and I will see you all tomorrow!

Thank you for all your love and support!
Danielle Sullivan


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